Why Advertise on ModernLifeBlogs?

The Truth about businesses that last lies in the relationship established between business partners. It is a human experience that connect people through their passion. The uniqueness of every individual and the cooperation between talents create tremendous opportunities for people to share their genius, exchange their vision and collaborate with purpose.

"ModernLifeBlogs - Expand Your Horizon"

ModernlifeBlogs has anchored its notoriety and expanded its audience with this very vision in heart and mind and is now opening a compelling list of sponsorship opportunities as well as creative partnerships to offer you a reliable platform wrapped in a friendly space to share your words, messages and name.

Some call it advertisement but here, at ModernLifeBlogs, we call it “Business essentials” because we know that wherever there are essential connections, there are trusted alliances and promising mutual enrichments.

Take a moment to read our “Business Essentials” List and find the best venue for your needs and budget to promote your brand, your products and your name in the most creative marketing way. Let’s build solid bridges together and let the world realize the power of Business Sharing!

Monthly Traffic Stats : (Updated April 2020)

  • Estimated Visitors/Month : 139,200 +
  • Estimated Page Views/Month : 691,680 +
  • Facebook Fans : 1,600+
  • Twitter Followers : 6,000+
  • Page Authority = 27
  • Domain Authority = 43

{Purchase a Banner Advertisement}

Purchasing a banner ad on ModernLifeBlogs only takes a moment. The system is completely automated and will allow you to upload your own artwork and change it any time you like. Find out more at the following link — including up-to-date information regarding availability, pricing, and reach:

  1. Homepage Top Banner (728*90) 1 slots = $199
  2. Sidebar Banner (300*600) 1 slots = $149
  3. Sidebar Banner (300*250) 1 slots = $99
  4. Sidebar Banner (125*125) on request = $50

If you want to booked ad space more than one month then contact us for great discounts.  

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to banner ads, we have several options available to help promote your product or service. We are also open to new ideas so please take a moment to review some of these options and then let us know how we can help:

{Sponsored Posts}

If you offer a relevant, high quality product or service, we offer a simple way to purchase an affordable sponsored posts. This is the perfect way to secure a quick publicity boost, and you can find full details about price / reach here:

  1. Affordable, fast, simple
  2. Ideal for publicity boost
  3. 40k Direct Reach/ 100 000 Potential Reach
  4. Fast Social Media Accessibility via our Social Networks
  5. One-time fee ($199)

 {Contests and Giveaways}

We would be happy to help promote your product or service by hosting a contest or giveaway on ModernLifeBlogs. A typical giveaway post will display some information about your company or product, link to your website, and allow you to give away your product/service.

  1. Promote your products and services
  2. Host your own Contest using our established audience
  3. Link your website
  4. Share your brand information with an interactive post
  5. Market your product with a competitive user-friendly venue
  6. Support your sales with a playful strategic approach

{Product Review}

If you would like your product featured in one of our articles or tutorials, please get in touch. If we believe that your product would be of interest to our readers, we would be happy to include it in a blog, or review it on our site.

  1. Our team reviews and copywriting of your product and service
  2. Creative writing and product description
  3. Review posted only after your approval
  4. One-time fee ($500)