3 Tips For Surviving the “Toddler Years”

3 Tips For Surviving the “Toddler Years”

Any parent of young children can tell you that even though you might think the baby years are hard, the truth is that the toddler years can be even more tumultuous. This infamous rebellious stage, also known as the terrible twos or “threenagers”, can be a true test of your patience, and one of the most challenging as a parent. 

Yet, these years are critical for building the foundation of your relationship with your child in the future. If you hope to be close with your child well into your retirement years then it’s critical that you handle these toddler years with care.

To help you, here are some of the best tips for parents during this often difficult stage of a child’s life.

Routine is Critical

Humans in general thrive off of routine, and toddlers especially. The more you can establish a consistent routine, the more you’ll help your toddler anticipate what happens next.

Routine creates a safety net, and a sense of security since they always know what to predict. From mealtimes to nap times, consistency is key to helping your toddler understand what’s expected of them.

The more you can stay consistent with your routines, the more your toddler will adjust, and the less likely you are to have meltdowns. Changing the way things happen every day can make your child feel unsure and even rebellious.


Handling a tantrum at 3 years old compared to 10 years old is entirely different. You’ll be able to reason with a 10-year-old and use words to calm them down, and the same methods aren’t effective on a toddler. Instead of overwhelming them with information and language, simply distract them. 

If you find they start to rebel or express stubbornness when you ask them to do something, try distracting them instead. Perhaps you can pull out their favorite toy and make it do a funny dance, or put on a song they enjoy. Often a shift in attention is all it takes to avoid a potential meltdown.

Practice Patience

When you’re dealing with a young toddler, it’s easy to get flustered. You’re dealing with someone who has very little self-control and can easily test your patience. This is why, it’s up to you to be the adult. 

Practice the art of patience by taking deep breaths when you start to feel your anger rise. Remember, you’re dealing with a tiny dictator who has no concept of manners or their effect on other people yet. Set boundaries, and always lead with compassion. 

It’s up to you to set an example, so act accordingly. Choose your battles wisely, and only react with a firm stance when it’s truly worth it. Not every circumstance is worth a power struggle.

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