When and how should you get back to sport after childbirth?

When and how should you get back to sport after childbirth?

The birth of the baby is always a miracle. New mothers face a lot of worries after a child’s birth and during postpartum depression. Many questions appear, considering what you can do and what you cannot. One of the most popular questions is sports.

When and how should you get back to sport after childbirth?

Women have a lot of questions. For example,

  • When can I get back to sports?
  • Which exercises should I start training with?
  • With what intensity and intervals should I perform the activities?

What do doctors say about getting back to sports?

The doctors recommend not to exercise for at least 8 weeks (2 months) after the labor. Regardless, pregnancy and childbirth are severe blows to the female body. Add here the crazy first few weeks in the new status of being a mom, and understandably, there is no room for sport at all.

The body is weakened, recovering lochia and sutures are applied due to tears, and after cesarean section, the recovery period is even longer. Nevertheless, every situation is individual. That is why physical exercises can be started only after consultation and permission from the doctor.

When can you get back to physical exercises?

The best period to get back to sport after childbirth is 6 months. Of course, you can start earlier if you are feeling well and there are no restrictions from the doctor. But half a year is a minimal amount of time, which you must allow yourself and your body to rest and recover before pushing it again.

Remember that carrying a baby in your arms is already a physical activity; walking with a stroller is also a cardio activity.

What is the optimal way to start exercises?

It is suggested to start with respiratory gymnastics. You can implement it earlier and do not wait for complete physical restoration. Respiratory gymnastics can help to take away volumes, but not kilograms. It can improve the color of the skin, reduce the stomach, and, accordingly, reduce the appetite. 

Before moving on to physical activity, check the abs muscles on ultrasound, namely the presence or absence of diastasis. The specialist will look and advise which exercises can be performed and which should not be performed.

In the case of a diastasis of more than 3 cm, the following activities for the press should be avoided: leg raises from the position of lying on the back, various variations of planks, and push-ups.

The physical exercises and their intensity should be okay with you after the first training. The load must be increased gradually, so you should start doing activities with your own weight and only then add loads like fitness bands, dumbbells, etc. 

The main recommendation to be considered when getting back to the sport

  1. Don’t rush.

You have a lot of time to work on your body. Enjoy motherhood, recover after childbirth, and get back to sport gradually. The most extensive attention should be focused on your own body. Constantly listen to yourself and respond to any changes that may occur. If you feel pain or discomfort, contact your doctor immediately.

  1. You should have a balanced diet.

Healthy nutrition is the best way to return to your shape before pregnancy. Returning to sports requires extra energy. It’s crucial to provide your body with the nutrients it needs, especially if you’re breastfeeding. A balanced diet will help you maintain power and ensure the body’s normal functioning.

  1. Healthy sleep.

During sleep, all essential processes in the body occur. The organism recovers. People lose weight not only when they train but when they sleep.

The change of priorities 

With the birth of a child, time for sports can become limited. Consider your new lifestyle and set realistic goals. It’s important to understand that even short workouts can be beneficial and allow you to relax and conserve energy for parenting.

Alongside setting realistic goals in sports, you should care about your baby and its nutrition as well as yours. Later on, you can combine exercise with childcare.

If your baby is almost 1 year old and eating organic formula, you may find it convenient to combine training with childcare. European toddler formula can be a real helper here. For example, you can take the child with you for a walk or choose a sports club with a playground or a children’s club, and don’t be afraid about the baby’s nutrition. 


The general approach to returning to sports after giving birth is to take it gradually, paying attention to the body and considering the changes during pregnancy and childbirth.

All women are different, so it’s essential to consult with a doctor or physical rehabilitation specialist to get individualized recommendations and a return-to-sports plan that fits your needs and health.

It is important to remember that returning to sports after childbirth is an individual process. Do not demand excessive loads from yourself, be patient with your body.

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