6 Unique Ideas for Your Next Date Night

6 Unique Ideas for Your Next Date Night

You just scheduled your chimney repair with Brickworks when you almost forgot it was your turn to plan a date night for you and your partner. You’ve been wanting to switch it up a bit and invite some new experiences as far as dates are concerned.

We’ve got you covered. Here are 6 unique ideas for your next date night!

Visit a Climbing Gym 

Visiting a climbing gym is a perfect idea for your next date night. Particularly if you and your significant other haven’t ever climbed before. This fun activity engages both the mental and physical part of you. You’re sure to remember this date for years to come.

If you’re worried that you’ve never been before, most climbing gyms offer an easy orientation for beginners. Just make sure you sign up in advance to secure your spot.

Sips and Splatters

Get messy and creative on your next date night with your special someone. Painting while enjoying wine is an entertaining and fun experience for you and your honey. You can either visit a local business who offers this experience or do it in the comfort of your own home.

It’s easy as all you need is a few acrylic paints, a canvas, and a few brushes. If you’re doing it from home and not sure where to start, there are plenty of helpful painting tutorials online.

Pack a Picnic

If you and your partner both love spending time in the great outdoors, plan a picnic for your next date night. Picnics allow you and your partner to get fresh air, spend quality time, and enjoy a nice meal surrounded by the beauty of nature.

It’s also a cost-friendly date idea if you two are looking to keep expenses to a low. Another benefit is that no reservations are needed – just a blanket, a basket, and you two lovebirds! 

Museum Date 

Do you and your partner enjoy learning and tapping into your curiosity? If so, plan out a museum date. There are a ton of options when it comes to picking a museum for you and your partner. Figure out what you’re both interested in, then hop online to find local museums near you that you’d both enjoy.

A Few Museum Options:

  • Science Museum
  • Art Museum
  • History Museum
  • Technology Museum

Board Game Night

Consider getting a little bit competitive on your next date night. Board games are always a good time as they bring both quality time and entertainment to the table. You can even plan a group date night and invite some friends over to make it even more enjoyable.

However, if you’re not a fan of double dates or looking to spend one-on-one time with your partner, there are plenty of board games that only require two players.

Cozy Night In

Who said that you need to go anywhere to have a romantic date night? If you’re wanting a date night that’s more intimate and lower on the distractions, you should plan a cozy night in.

Grab a bottle of wine, order some takeout, and cozy up to a movie with your loved one. Don’t forget the candles!

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