6 Green Flags in a New Relationship

6 Green Flags in a New Relationship

You’re looking up how to hire a medical scribe, when you get a surprise call from your new partner. The relationship seems to be thriving, and you’re wondering if they could be the one for you.

There’s a lot of thinking that goes into what makes a healthy relationship. So, we’ve offered 6 green flags in a new relationship.

Let’s dive in!

Compassionate Listeners 

Compassionate listening is a definite green flag in a potential partner. If you find that your partner listens to you and responds meaningfully, this is a great sign. In order for relationships to last, there needs to be healthy communication.

Without a partner who listens to understand, it’s nearly impossible to have effective conversations with them. Compassionate listening means that your partner truly values what you have to say, and they want to learn from you. This type of listening fosters understanding and respect. 


Do your partner’s actions match up with their words? It’s easy for people to say they will do something, but what matters the most is that they actually do it.

A partner who is consistent with what they say they’ll do is a good match. Consistency is so important in a relationship. It doesn’t keep you guessing, but instead – fosters trust and safety – two important things for a relationship to thrive.

Authentically Themselves

In order for a relationship to grow, both partners need to already be whole themselves. Relationships aren’t designed to make us happy or fulfilled.

Instead, we need to already feel happy and fulfilled before we can truly commit to someone. If we aren’t sure of ourselves, we’re likely to develop some unhealthy codependency or attachment issues later in the relationship. If your partner is authentic and comfortable with themselves, this is a green flag! 

Honest and Transparent

The foundation that healthy relationships rest on is trust. You want a partner who is open, honest, and transparent with you.

Even if it’s difficult, you don’t want to hold anything back from your partner. Little lies turn into bigger ones, and this could inevitably cause the relationship to crumble. If you feel that your partner is honest and transparent with you, this is a great sign they’re built for a healthy, positive relationship.

Challenge You to Grow

You don’t want a partner who doesn’t believe in your goals and aspirations as much as you do. If your partner is always agreeable, this isn’t necessarily the best for you.

While they shouldn’t be questioning or pushing you – they should challenge you in healthy ways. This means they are your biggest supporter, and they know what you’re capable of. Challenging you in healthy ways is another easy green flag.

Respect Your Boundaries

Last but not least, you want a significant other who respects your boundaries. Boundaries are essential in any relationship. If your partner tries to push on things that you aren’t comfortable with, this is a sign of control and disrespect.

However, if your partner values and respects your boundaries, this is a wonderful indicator that they’re a suitable partner for you.

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