4 Daily Habits to Stay Slim at Any Age

4 Daily Habits to Stay Slim at Any Age

In today’s modern society, there’s so much junk food available, and jobs are often sedentary. As such, many of us find ourselves wanting to lose a couple of pounds. Yet not all of us have the motivation, budget, or time to go to the gym.

The truth is that staying slim doesn’t always require an expensive gym membership. It often comes down to simple daily habits that will keep your silhouette in check.

If you’re looking for no-fuss, straightforward ways to stay slim, whether you’re over the age of 70 or a freshman in high school, here are five healthy habits you should do every single day.


There’s a reason why Europeans gobble down all that bread and pasta yet have supermodel physiques— their secret is walking.

Even though walking may not seem like you’re exerting that much effort, the truth is that you can burn as much as 1000 calories in a day depending on how much walking you do.

For some people incorporating more walking into their day is as simple as opting to walk to work, or taking a stroll around the block after dinner.

Drink More Water

Did you know that over 50% of the time you may be convinced you’re hungry when in reality you’re actually thirsty? It’s important to understand our bodies’ cues, and not reach for a snack anytime we feel a pang of hunger.

Ask yourself when the last time was that you ate, how much it was, and whether your hunger is truly calling for more food.

Chances are you may just need some water. Drinking more water can suppress your appetite, and also hydrates you which is great for your overall health.

If you find yourself still hungry after a sufficient meal, consider having carbonated water. Add a zest of lemon or lime to give it a little flavor.

Practice Mindful Eating

One of the biggest culprits for overeating is eating while doing something simultaneously. For example, if you’re eating while staring at your phone, or the TV, you’re much more likely to mindlessly shove everything into your mouth without listening to your stomach.

Mindful eating means being aware of every bite, taste, and texture. Listen to your body when it tells you it’s full, and focus fully on the activity of eating. You’ll find that once you start becoming fully present while eating your meal, you’ll eat much less overall.

Reduce Your Carbs

Eliminating carbs entirely from your diet may be a short-term solution for people looking to lose weight fast. However, it’s not a sustainable way of living.

Whole grains and high-carb vegetables are perfectly acceptable nutritional choices. You just have to be careful about how much you eat. It’s always best to eat more protein and vegetables on your plate than carbs.

That doesn’t mean you need to pull out this scale and weigh the amount of pasta you’re eating. Just be smart and sensible, and it will make a difference in your waistline!

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