5 Ways Influencers are Changing the World of Marketing

5 Ways Influencers are Changing the World of Marketing

Influencers are a fast-growing tribe of social media users who have built up large followings by regularly posting content that their followers find interesting. Whether they’re vloggers, Instagram stars, or YouTubers, influencers all have one thing in common; their ability to drive action on a particular topic or product through their social media channels.

These individuals have an extremely high potential for brand awareness because of the number of people that follow them on social media. They have built loyal audiences through their content and trust them.

These are the five best ways that influencers are changing the world of marketing:

1. Giving Brands Authenticity in Marketing

The number of consumers who trust brands is steadily falling, with a majority believing that brands are just out to make money. Marketers are constantly trying to find ways to bring trust back to their brands, but it’s not an easy feat. Influencers have the power to give brands authenticity.

An influencer has between 2,000 and 100,000 followers, meaning a relatively large audience trusts them. When an influencer posts a sponsored post or uses a product, many followers will believe them because they trust their opinion.

This means that brands no longer have to lie about how well their products work but can use influencers to communicate the benefits of their products in a way that feels authentic.

2. Celebrating Small Wins as a Mark of Success

The marketing world is full of long-term goals, including new product launches and campaigns that span months. While marketers are working towards these long-term goals, sometimes they’ve forgotten: the small wins. Every business wants to achieve massive success, but it’s important to celebrate the small milestones along the way.

This holds for influencers too, who have long-term relationships with their audience. As a result, small wins are a mark of success that marketers can learn from: What products have you launched that have been the most successful?

What topics have you posted about that have led to the most engagement and sales? What engagement rates are you getting from your posts? What time of day do you receive the most attention?

3. Influencers are Educating Consumers About Products

Marketers have long been using content to educate their audiences about the benefits of their products. An influencer’s followers trust them, and they are more likely to listen to them than they are to a brand.

By collaborating with influencers, brands can get their products in the hands of potential customers through influencers’ content. Influencers can then naturally educate their audience about your products’ benefits like they’re just chatting to their followers.

4. Influencers Are Showing Consumers What’s on their Wish list

We’ve seen aspirational posts on social media, but what about posts about what your followers want? Influencers are often asked to share what’s on their wish list, and it’s become a great way to show followers what they want without being too demanding.

By collaborating with brands, influencers can let their followers know what products they wish they could buy. This creates a positive space for brands, who can then use this, in other words, marketing by showing the benefits of their products.

5. Influencers Are Brand Building and Positioning Tools

Marketers have been building brands for decades, but influencers are changing how it’s done. The traditional brand building involved coming up with a name, a tagline, and a logo, then sticking to a specific color palette and font.

Influencers already have large audiences, so they are great tools for marketers to test out branding campaigns on social media: What brand-building methods have you implemented? What color palette and fonts do you use? What is your tagline? What do you want your brand to be about? Good influencer campaign management software helps manage your marketing campaigns better.

This will allow them to centralize their efforts, track their activities, and measure their results.


The world of marketing is constantly changing, and marketers must stay on top of new trends and technologies. To make sure your campaigns are successful and that your brand increases its reach, you’ll want to partner with influencers.

Influencers are individuals who have built up large followings on social media by posting regular content that their followers find interesting. These individuals have an extremely high potential for brand awareness because they have built loyal audiences through their content and trust.

Influencers can help your brand grow by educating consumers about your products, showing what’s on their wish lists, building your brand, and much more.

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