5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas for a Modern Look

5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas for a Modern Look

If you are looking to remodel a room in your house, the bathroom is a great place to start. Because of its smaller size, it is a more affordable room to renovate. If your goal is to create a modern look in your bathroom remodel, you will want to aim for a minimalist approach that leans on clean lines and simple decor.

Here are five bathroom renovation ideas if you are wanting to create a modern vibe.

Go, Black and White

There is nothing more minimalist than a simple black and white color scheme. There are several ways that you can incorporate this color scheme into your bathroom remodel. Make a splash by using black and white tiles for your flooring. Choosing a design with a geometric design will complement the modern look of black and white.

You can also go big by using a freestanding black bathtub or vanity in your design. Place these items on the crisp white tile for the ultimate contrast. Or hang a black chandelier with white lighting from the ceiling to add a touch of modern elegance.

Even if you choose a stark black and white scheme, you can still add bits of color here and there. For example, a vase of bright pink roses in a room done in black and white will truly pop. Or use sunshine yellow towels to brighten up the black and white room.

Wetroom Shower Screen

Many homeowners are wisely adding wetrooms to their bathroom remodel plans. Not only are these spaces visually stunning, but they are also practical. A wet room is made with water-friendly materials that can encompass both the shower and freestanding bathtub.

You will need a wetroom shower enclosure and tray to make this area work for you. This will keep the water where it needs to stay while also providing a pleasing aesthetic. There are several options that you can choose depending on the size of the space that you are working with and the visual that you want to create.

Ditch the Hardware and Go With Flat Cabinets

While creative hardware pieces for cabinetry were all the rage a few years ago, the movie is going back toward a less detailed approach to all of those knobs and pulleys. A clean and streamlined cabinet without hardware delivers a sleeker touch to any room. If you want to go with hardware for ease of use, be sure to choose a simple design that does not scream for attention in the room.

While you are thinking about the cabinets, you should look into flat cabinet doors rather than molded designs if your goal is to create a contemporary design. Do not avoid an exposed wood grain on your cabinetry. This look creates a natural feel to the room, a hallmark of a modern room design.

Do Not Shy Away From Texture

Just because you are remodeling with a simplistic approach, it does mean that you should avoid using textures. Regardless of if it is tactile or visual, how you use texture can have a significant impact on the overall look of the bathroom. For example, try combining a stone countertop with a wood vanity for a sleek contrast that plays on the differing textures.

A mosaic tile backsplash is another great addition if you want to add texture and depth to a room. Do not forget the floors when you are considering how to incorporate texture. A thick rug in an interesting fabric is an easy and affordable way to instantly add another layer of texture to your bathroom remodel.

Statement Lighting

The lighting of a room can completely alter its entire look. This is why it is a good idea to pay close attention to your lighting choices. Sconces are no longer the lighting of choice for modern bathrooms. Instead, go with a more dramatic chandelier or modern pendant lighting.

Track lighting is another good choice if you want to create a clean look. Adding dimmers will allow you to customize the lighting to fit the need at any given time in your bathroom.

These five ideas are just the beginning of how you can transform your dated bathroom into a space that is modern and elegant.

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