8 Important Instagram Trends for 2022

8 Important Instagram Trends for 2022

About 3.3 billion people worldwide actively use social media on mobile devices. In fact, internet users now spend 142 minutes each day on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, about 200 million Instagram users visit a business profile each day. About 80% follow a business. Instagram now has over one billion monthly users.

Following the latest Instagram trends for 2022 can help your content stand out. In time, you could even become famous on Instagram. Ready to build your following?

Get started by applying these eight Instagram ideas today!

1. Instagram Reels

Over 90% of active Instagram users watch videos every week. In fact, 54% of marketers say video content is the most valuable format for achieving social media marketing goals. If you plan on making more video content while using Instagram, focus on Reels.

Reels rolled out as a feature available to all users in 2021. It’s a micro-video tool created to compete with TikTok’s capabilities. Originally, accounts could only create 15-second clips.

Now, you can create Reels that are up to 60-seconds long. 

Adding Reels to your Instagram marketing strategy can help you generate more engagement. Your video content will also stand out on feeds, helping you attract potential followers.

If you’re already creating TikTok content, consider repurposing your posts for Instagram. Otherwise, start taking advantage of the latest Reel features. If you’re looking for Instagram ideas, try:

  • Partnering with influencers
  • Demonstrating how to use products or services
  • Putting your own spin on a trending meme

Instagram announced the retirement of IGTV, its original long-form video format. Instead, you can post video content that’s up to 60 minutes long on your main feed.

Consider breaking your longer videos up into smaller, easy-to-digest Reels. Otherwise, use Reels to tease your longer video posts. 

Since Reels focus on short-form content, you’re more likely to grab and keep the viewer’s attention. People might stop viewing a longer video halfway through, though.

Use Reels to boost your online exposure, boost engagement, and generate more followers.

Try using the like4like desktop app to generate more engagement as well. 

2. Engaging Stories

As you begin applying these Instagram trends, make sure you’re creating Instagram Stories as well. There’s now a range of stickers you can apply to your Stories to make them more engaging.

For example, you can start using the Link sticker or creating more Story ads.

Other Instagram ideas for Stories include:

  • Giving consumers a behind-the-scenes look into your business
  • Providing more information on a post from your feed
  • Using stickers to boost engagement

Consider saving some of your Stories in the Highlights on your profile, too!

Link Stickers

Brands are only able to post a clickable link on their Instagram profiles; not within posts. You can direct followers to links using the Link sticker in your Stories. This sticker is available to all Instagram users (including personal accounts).

Once you create your Story, click the “Stickers” icon at the top of your screen.

Click the “Link” option and paste a target link into your sticker. Then, adjust the sticker as you see fit!

You can use the Link sticker to send consumers to products and services on your website. Otherwise, consider teasing an upcoming webinar or event by directing them to a landing page. You can also send readers straight to specific blog posts to generate more web traffic. 

Other Story stickers include:

  • GIFs
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Questions
  • Music

Try applying these stickers to your content to help your posts stand out. 

Story Ads

As you learn how to use Instagram, you’ll likely come across the app’s ad capabilities. Consider running Story ads this year. These ads will appear between organic video content.

Story Ads won’t disrupt the consumer’s online experience. You can use ads to:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Appear in front of people who aren’t following your account
  • Boost engagement
  • Gain video views
  • Generate conversions

Make sure you’re using creative assets that are 1080 x 1920 pixels. Otherwise, they won’t take up the entire screen. 

Don’t forget to add a strong, compelling call to action to your ads to generate more engagement!

3. Cross-Promoting

If you’re already using other social media platforms, start cross-promoting. Cross-promoting can help you generate more engagement on each account. For example, you can share your latest Instagram photos on your Twitter feed.

You can also share your Tweets in your Instagram Stories.

Find the Tweet you want to share. Then, click the “share” icon. Click on Instagram Stories to post it!

4. Memes

Memes are a fun way to show off your brand’s personality. Make sure you’re choosing memes that are relevant to your brand or industry. Try to find memes that encourage consumers to engage by providing their own responses, too.

5. Shopping

Instagram now makes it easier than ever for consumers to shop straight from the app. Using the Instagram shopping feature can improve the user experience. Consumers won’t have to move from one app to the next to complete an action.

Use the Instagram shopping feature to create your own mini-store. Then, show off new arrivals, collections, or items on sale. 

Creating collections will make it easier for consumers to find the items they want.

You can also share photos that feature your products, then tag the item in the post to make it easier for people to purchase. 

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to increase brand exposure. You could even use influencers to become famous on Instagram.

First, find an influencer your target audience already knows and loves. Make sure the influencer has a talent for creating high-quality content. Then, ask them to promote your product, service, or brand. 

7. Instagram Live

Engage your followers in real-time by going live. Live videos can help you connect with your target audience. Allow them to ask questions, offer your help, and keep them interested. 

8. “Add Yours”

The “Add Yours” sticker allows consumers to share their own Story based on themes. For example, followers can show off the last photo in their camera rolls. 

“Add Yours” is a great way to boost engagement and encourage collaborations. 

Get Lots of Likes: 8 Instagram Trends for 2022

Following the latest Instagram trends can help you generate more likes, followers, and customers. Get started with these eight Instagram ideas. Then, review your analytics to determine what works best for your target audience.

Improve your Instagram marketing strategy with these tips today.

Searching for more tips, tricks, and advice? You’re in the right place.

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    I’ve noticed more traffic from Instagram with the link stickers. That’s why I believe this is the best update they have made to this network. Before you had to be big with over 10,000 followers to have any links except in your bio. Love this one!

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