Best Boat Subwoofers to Maximize Your Sound on the Water

Best Boat Subwoofers to Maximize Your Sound on the Water

You love bass. You love boats. The right boat subwoofer brings a new level of sound to your lake party.

Freshwater spaces can even benefit our mental health. Teamed up with an epic sound system, this combo can lead to true musical bliss.

You need the bass to feel the music in your body. Electronic styles like dub, drum and bass, and rock, rely on a boat subwoofer to bring them alive.

You might wonder how to choose the best boat subwoofer. How is a boat subwoofer different from a normal sub? 

We have a guide that tells you all you need to know. Read on and let’s rock the boat.

What Is a Boat Subwoofer?

Like a car subwoofer, a boat subwoofer brings bass to your music. These low frequencies let us feel the music in our feet and bodies. For those of us who love electronic, reggae, and rock music, subs are essential.

A boat subwoofer differs from a car subwoofer in several ways. First, they are safe for use around water. A waterproof sub is the only sub fit to sail with.

Their waterproofing keeps out wet, salty air. It keeps our bass playing while keeping us and our equipment happy. A boat subwoofer suits open spaces better than a car sub.

Pair your boat subwoofer with high-quality boat speakers. They will work in tandem to deliver a crisp, balanced sound that hits the spot.

Why Do You Need Multiple Subwoofers for Your Boat?

Due to your boat’s long shape, you will need more than one boat subwoofer to feel the bass. We sail in open spaces, with no ceiling to keep in the sound. We need multiple bass sources to keep our low frequencies sounding solid.

Set up a boat subwoofer on both your bow and stern. This will improve bass no matter which ends of the boat you party at. Couple your subs up to a dedicated mono amplifier for best results.

A second sub won’t overpower your sound. A consistent bass level will make everything sound smoother. Perfect for hitting up the best lake party spots in America.

How to Choose the Best Boat Subwoofer

First, decide whether you want a boat subwoofer housed in an enclosure.

Subs that are free-air, or infinite baffle, stand-alone. This makes them ideal for a quick setup. But an enclosed boat subwoofer can give you better sound quality.

Check your boat subwoofer is both UV and element-sealed. You will be using it on sunny days, in wind, on water. Proper protection is vital to keep your bass flowing.

DS18 subs are an ideal example of enclosed, weather-sealed subs. Enclosed subwoofers are a more premium choice, but their results are worth every cent.

Make sure to match up your boat subwoofer with the power your amplifier gives out. You can power your boat subwoofer from your radio or stereo. But for best results, with multiple subs, amplifiers will bring the bass.

Turn Up the Bass and Set Sail

We hope our guide on how to choose a boat subwoofer did the trick. When the sun shines, and you hit the lake, bassy music completes the picture.

Pick UV, weather-sealed, enclosed subs for optimal sound. Proper amplification is key. Pick an epic location to get you into the groove.

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