What To See In Greece When You’re A History Buff

What To See In Greece When You’re A History Buff

If you love classical history then there is only one place where you can just wander around and soak in all the centuries of history. That place is, of course, Greece.

A trip to Greece should be on the radar of just about anybody, but for a history buff, there are few places that excite the imagination quite like Greece. 

Greece is a small country with loads of sites sprinkled just about everywhere you look, but to get the most out of it you should have a checklist of things you want to see. Then plan your trip around those items.

In this article, we will go over a few of the must-see places in Greece if you love history. 

1 – The Acropolis

This iconic site in the heart of Athens is a must-see for anybody interested in classical history. It is located on a hill that sits imposingly over the modern city. It is a reference point for just about any Athenian. 

Much of what remains is from the 5th century BC and includes the Parthenon and a few other religious buildings from the era. It has had a troubled history and it is a miracle it still survives since it was even used as an ammunition warehouse by the Ottomans which exploded around 100 years ago. 

It can be quite touristy and crowded so try to get there early in the morning to have it more or less to yourself. All the best hotels in Athens are in the area so you can get started as soon as you get up.

Have a hearty breakfast of the local chickpea dishes or some sweet yogurt with honey to have the energy to dedicate to a few hours at the site. 

2 – Corinth

Not far outside of Athens is Corinth so history buffs can make a day trip out of the city and catch some amazing historical sites. For starters, there is the canal which is carved out of solid rock and essentially makes the Peloponnese a peninsula. It was carved over two thousand years ago and has been used by sailors ever since. 

The town of Corinth can still be visited today where you can walk the same streets that the Apostle Paul walked when he visited in 51 AD. There are temples, baths, and basilicas to visit amid the landscape of the arid hills surrounding it. 

3 – Delphi

One of the most atmospheric sites in Greece that conjures up ancient scenes of life is certainly Delphi. This is where the famous Oracle of Delphi mystified kings and commoners alike with her divinations.

The remains of the sanctuaries are still there amidst the backdrop of the mountains and unspoiled nature. It is worth a trip for the scenery alone but wandering through the spot where kings, emperors, and other luminaries also walked is spectacular. 

Taking a picnic to sit and eat in the ancient theater with a spectacular backdrop is a memory to last a lifetime.

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