Improve your Finances and the Planet with Aspiration Banking

Improve your Finances and the Planet with Aspiration Banking

When you need a new bank account, you may instinctively visit the most familiar bank close to your home. Many people feel more comfortable with a well-known bank, even without knowing the details of their spending practices.

Banks use your money to balance books, invest, and fund projects. Many banks fund fossil fuels and other destructive practices. Your bank may also charge high monthly fees and ATM usage fees.

Banking should come with some benefits for the customer. With Aspiration online banking, you can improve your finances while also supporting positive environmental efforts. 

Avoid ATM Fees

With many banks, you can expect to pay to use the ATM, unless you visit your own bank. This can cause complications if you need to use the nearest ATM while out running errands or traveling. With an Aspiration debit card, you can get limited refunds for using an out-of-network ATM.

You can also choose from an extensive list of ATM branches to use with no fees. Excessive ATM fees raise your monthly spending, simply for using your own money. 

Higher Interest and Cash Back

Look for a bank with rewards instead of penalties. With Aspiration banking, you can expect competitive interest rates to help your savings grow. You can also earn cashback rewards by shopping at humane and environmentally friendly establishments.

When you spend with your Aspiration debit card, you get feedback about the company you shopped with. If the company has a history of poor treatment of employees or the earth, you can choose a different one next time.

Aspiration rewards customers for shopping with kinder companies. 

Low Monthly Fees

Most banks charge monthly fees to maintain your account. Some also charge customers if the balance falls below a specific amount. With Aspiration, you can stop worrying about surprise fees.

You can pay monthly, or save even more by paying for one year upfront. Aspiration also offers bonus cash for new customers. 

Planet-Friendly Practices

You can start helping the planet by signing up for an Aspiration debit card, made with recycled materials. Your bank fees won’t support projects that harm the earth, either.

Many large banks fund the use of fossil fuels. Every time you buy gas with your Aspiration debit card, you support carbon offsets, instead. Carbon offsets include practices such as planting trees, installing wind farms, and improving insulation in buildings. 

Take the time to learn more about where your money goes when you put it in a bank. Banks use the money to support projects that may harm the environment.

Popular banks may also charge excessive monthly fees and ATM fees. Choose a bank that offers programs to boost your savings, such as interest building and cash rewards.

You may not think about the environment when simply putting money in the bank, however, your money may help destroy the planet if you choose the wrong banking institution. With Aspiration, you can increase your savings, earn rewards, and help the planet.

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