What can DSTs do For Investors?

What can DSTs do For Investors

Delaware Statutory Trusts play a significant role in helping investors own and manage properties. However, with the current trend, most investors are venturing into DSTs for more reasons than this.

What is a Delaware Statutory Trust

DSTs are formal entities created under Delaware policies, which permit capitalists to acquire profit gain taxes after exchanging a property. Nevertheless, to gain this benefit, investors must direct the proceedings received after selling their property towards buying a divisional interest in high-quality and professionally managed institutional real estate. After some time, if the capitalist wants, they can convert the DST to REIT, which might be a long process.

Therefore, when utilized perfectly, investors can use DSTs as effective tools of preserving and building their acquired tax gains from selling a residential property. Types of properties owned in a DST include apartment complexes, hospitals, commercial offices, and medical buildings.

What can DSTs Do for Real Estate Investors?

If you want to invest in the real estate industry or wish to change your investment strategy, you might wonder why many people are talking about Delaware Statutory Trust 1031. Well, in this blog, you will learn more about how investors benefit from DSTs.

Reduce Investors Management Responsibilities

If you have ever invested in a real estate property, you understand how managing the property can be stressful and time-consuming. However, although managing and taking control over all decisions regarding your property is ideal, it reaches a time when you get tired of doing all the work.

If this time comes, it can be an added advantage if you hand over all the responsibilities and management duties to a team of experienced and professional managers. DSTs enable investors to acquire a real estate asset that provides them with a steady flow of income without managing the investment.

Right to Extended Triple Net Leased Assets

One significant advantage of DSTs is that they provide investors with an entree to triple net leased assets with 5 to 20 years leasing term. This gives the investors a chance to access the long-term flow of income without experiencing the risks and hassle of lease renegotiation.

Investors who benefit are those who want to move to a DST from a commercial investment to a multi-family apartment.

Investors have the Chance to Invest in High Value and High-Grade Properties

Generally, high-grade and multi-billion dollar properties have the chance to create more significant returns and higher income for investors. However, the primary issue that investors face is the ability to own or invest in these properties.

Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 gives investors the chance to own these properties partially.

Investors Can Diversify their Portfolio

Since you can pick the amount of capital you want to invest, you can opt to split your investment capital between multiple DST, enabling you to broaden your property portfolio. Unfortunately, in the past, real estate owners used to sell their properties for $400,000 and buy another one worth similar value.

With DSTs, you can now trade your property with four different DSTs located in other areas, worth $100,000 each.

An Ideal Inheritance for Inventors to Offer their heirs

If you plan to create an income-generating portfolio that your heirs can enjoy for years to come, DSTs are a perfect investment option. Unlike other 1031 exchange-qualified options, with DSTs, your heirs will get additional costs when they acquire your asset.

Furthermore, they will also get a hands-off investment that will save you from worrying about their management skills and knowledge. Lastly, if you want several people to inherit your asset, DST provides investors with an option to divide their assets efficiently.

DSTs are Sole Owners of The Properties

Unfortunately, Investors are not the sole owners of DSTs properties, but they are the beneficiaries. If the property experiences any problem, investors will not lose less money compared to what they invested.


The Delaware Statutory Trust is an effective and well-known tool for investors to utilize and use. However, although the concepts are easy to follow, the execution and details can be tricky.

Thus, investors opting for a DST should consider consulting a tax professional or a real estate investment professional before embarking on this journey.

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