The Best Exercises To Build Muscle Fast

The Best Exercises To Build Muscle Fast

There are tons of compelling health benefits associated with building muscle that goes beyond achieving an appealing physique and the ability to lift heavy things.

However, whether your objective is to pump iron at the rate of a bodybuilder or build more lean muscle tissue, there are specific exercises out there that are top choices for building muscle.

Some exercises, such as those in the cardio category, are most suitable for losing weight and upping your stamina.

In contrast, these exercises will help you effectively build muscle in a relatively short time-space.

Dead Hang Pull-Ups

Dead hang pull-ups might not be the most exciting exercise out there, as all the technique consists of simply hanging for some time on some form of a pull-up bar. However, this exercise will ensure you develop a firmer grip, larger muscle mass in your forearms, strengthen your lower traps, stretch your lats, and even improve your posture.

However, it is best to use dead hand pull-ups as a pre-workout or post-workout technique. You should also try and hold on as long as possible, increasing your time goal each time slightly. 


To perform the deadlift exercise technique, you must stand with your feet at a hip-length width apart directly under your barbell. The weight of your barbell can be adjusted as you gain weight. Then, you must hinge at your hips to place your hands on the bar, keeping them shoulder-width apart and just outside of your shins.

Be sure to keep your back straight, pull your shoulders back, and then engage your core. Lift with the strength of your legs to pull the bar up from the ground, ensuring the bar is close to your body.

It would be best if you never pulled using your back as this can create risk injuries. If done right, deadlifts will boost leg muscle, enhance core strength, and ultimately build muscle in various areas of your body. 


Squats are best for building leg muscle, from your calves to your thighs and everything in between. However, you can also square while performing weight lifting techniques to enhance arm muscle as well.

The standard squat is a pretty easy technique as well. Stand with your back straight, your legs apart at hip-width, and bend down using your legs. When you are at a 45-degree angle, raise your body again using your legs and repeat. Be sure not to lift your heels or lower yourself too low. 


Pull-ups are one of the most effective exercise techniques out there for building upper-body strength. The technique is similar to a dead hand pull-up, except you won’t just be hanging around; you’ll be lifting your weight using the pull bar. You can lift yourself as many times as possible.

The benefits are similar to a dead hang pull-up, except you will build more strength and muscle.

Bench Press

Bench presses are also great for building upper-body strength. This technique is done while lying on a bench press dead. You will generally require the assistance of another individual to lift the barbell. Without help, you may have a bit more trouble and the risk of injury increases.

The listing technique is pretty simple, and if done right, you’ll be building upper body muscle mass in no time. You can also consider adjusting the weight of your barbell as you gain strength to push yourself further gradually.

While exercising is key to building muscle mass, you will also need to consider a few other lifestyle alterations to obtain a desirable goal. Once you have formulated a suitable workout plan that incorporates the exercises mentioned above, you should also consider adjusting your diet.

A weight-loss diet is only ideal if you are planning on losing weight while building muscle. On the other hand, if you are not hoping to lose weight, you should opt for an eating plan high in protein and high in calories and carbs to fuel your workout sessions.

In addition to adjusting your eating plan to accommodate your new nutritional needs, you should also consider using supplements created to help individuals gain lean muscle mass. There are tons of supplements out there, so be sure to evaluate your options and ensure you aren’t over-indulging in proteins, carbs, or calories when choosing supplements, as this can lead to weight gain.

Your workouts are also crucial to avoiding weight gain when adjusting your diet, as you should be working off calories and carbs and using them as an energy source mainly.

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