The brief & only TikTok Marketing Guide you’ll ever Need to Succeed

The brief & only TikTok Marketing Guide you'll ever Need to Succeed

TikTok may be one of the newest social media platforms, but you shouldn’t underestimate its power for marketing your business. 

On average, users of the TikTok app spend 89 minutes a day on the platform! That’s a lot of opportunities for you to get in front of your target audience. 

If you are curious about how to leverage TikTok marketing for your business, keep on reading. 

Design Your Profile 

The first place a new follower will land is your profile. Think of your profile as your digital storefront; your profile needs to capture the imagination of a potential follower. 

Create a slick design and upload an appealing profile photo. Make sure your bio is clear, and it represents what you do. These are simple ways to encourage people to follow and engage with your brand. 

Create Content For Your Audience

Perhaps you think TikTok is a platform used predominantly by teenagers. Then you’d be wrong! The most significant percentage of users are between 31 and 35. They are users with spending power. 

If you want to be a smart marketer, figure out what type of content your target customer wants to see. Spend time checking out what they already follow and engage with. Research forums that ask questions about your niche. 

Keyword research is also essential if you want to create killer content. What are people searching for on Google that you could make a video about?

You should also be creative and original with your content. Make it specific to your brand and try to come up with a unique angle. 

Test Different Times To Post

Post your content at different times of the day to see when you get the most engagement. This will help you figure out when your audience is online. 

More engagement means the algorithm will favor your content, and you’re more likely to be shown to new users in their search discover section. 

Boost Your TikTok Marketing With Influencers

Influencers are big business on TikTok. They have thousands of followers and can command high sums to post branded content. 

Collaborate with an influencer who can help keep your content fresh and exciting.

New to TikTok? Influencers can help you figure out what type of content will be relevant for your audience and get them into your digital marketing funnel.

Make Use of TikTok Ads

Paid ads are another way to effectively engage your audience and potential audience. The best sales funnel starts with brand awareness. So start advertising to people who follow accounts similar to yours. 

Worried about getting started using ads without the expertise? You can use a solution such as SocialBoosting’s TikTok services to help get you started. 

Smart Marketing

If your 2021 marketing strategy doesn’t include TikTok marketing, then what are you waiting for! Use our tips to tap into the vast opportunity that awaits you on the platform. Good luck!

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