Wedding Bands Tips – Essentials for Buying the Perfect One

Wedding Bands Tips

Wedding bands are a crucial purchase, which we consider an investment. After all, this is the band both you and your partner will wear for life. This is why you want to make sure that you don’t only invest in wedding bands, but those that suit your personality and will last for a lifetime.

Read on as I show you excellent tips to follow when selecting the perfect or unique wedding bands for you and your partner. 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bands

There are so many things to consider when choosing wedding bands. Let’s narrow down your choices by looking into these important factors:

1). What’s it made of?

Before anything, look into the metal you’ll use for the wedding bands. There are different kinds of metals available, all having different properties and styles that may make it more suitable than the rest. This all depends on your lifestyle and preference, though!

Here are the different materials:

    • Yellow gold is suitable for traditional couples. You’ll want to get a 9ct, 14ct, or 18ct wedding band, which are made with stronger metals to last long.
    • White gold is perfect for those who have platinum engagement rings. They are usually plated with rhodium to improve their appearance. Take note that the plating does wear off over time but can be reapplied again. 
    • Platinum is becoming more popular for modern couples, as it is very tough, handling wear and tear well. Plus, it is rarer compared to gold, pricier than platinum, but would last forever. 
    • Titanium is another more modern material, having a strikingly unique color compared to palladium and platinum. It is also scratch-resistant and feels lighter. Other comparable materials to those are zirconium and tungsten carbide.

2). What shape is it?

Once you have chosen what metal to invest in, the next thing to look into is if your wedding ring complements the engagement ring. Both rings would be worn beside one another for a lifetime, so you’ll want them to match! 

That said, you may want to look into getting-shaped wedding band, which are also known as curved and fitted wedding bands. They come in various designs, like delicate curves, cut-outs in the ring, or Z-shapes.

If you don’t plan on getting it shaped, consider its ring profile. You can choose different court shapes, flat profiles, D shapes, and a lot more!

3). The Gemstone

Now, on to another exciting part: The diamond or chosen precious gemstone!

Diamond-set wedding bands are pretty popular, you can find these in women’s wedding bands. These are used as a sparkly backdrop for engagement rings. The groom shouldn’t discount diamonds, and they are growing popular among men as well. 

If you plan on getting diamonds for your wedding bands, you can opt for one that is either brilliant-cut or princess-cut. There are also different designs to choose from, such as:

  • Marquise-cut
  • Pear-shaped
  • Emerald

The more unique, the more glamorous. However, the more expensive it may be!

4). Start early and together

This tip may not work for those with a partner who would rather be surprised with their wedding band. What can help narrow down your choices here is to match your engagement rings instead. See what fits your engagement rings best, you can even as a professional to give their expert advice.

Another good tip to follow is to begin early. Ring shop at least 2-3 months before the wedding date, as you’ll need more time to research, check the process, and talk about the wedding bands that caught your eyes. If you want custom rings, the process of creating them may take even more time.

5). Set a proper budget

Wedding bands don’t come cheap! Shop for wedding bands assuming that it would cost around 3% of your total wedding budget. 

Depending on the shop, a simple 14ct gold wedding band can cost about $1,000. If you plan to have it embellished, the cost rises, so factor those into your budget when wanting to personalize the rings.

6). Think of the long-term

Many of you want to go for what’s trending today and that’s fine! However, make sure that the wedding band is something you’ll want to wear for decades. 

But don’t stress too much about it now. Remember that you can make some changes to it later on, such as when marking special anniversaries.

Wrapping It Up

Besides the tips mentioned above, remember to think of other factors such as the size, your lifestyle, and how easy it is to maintain the wedding band. Hopefully, this gave you informative insight to help you and your partner invest in the perfect wedding band to complete your dreams. 

Use these tips and get on with your search for the amazing wedding bands you and your partner deserve today. Good luck!

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