Everything You Need To Know About Spill Absorbent Products

Everything You Need To Know About Spill Absorbent Products

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Oil spills are disastrous. Even a minor spill accident can seriously impact even the most developed nation economically, socially, and of course, environmentally. The world has experienced many such accidents in the past whose percussions of which were heard even in the remotest corner of the world. Fortunately, the world is better prepared to deal with such incidents now. 

Today, we are equipped with the latest technologies to control oil spills. The industries are already following all the safety guidelines and taking all the necessary safety precautions to arrest the possibilities of spill accidents. Even if the worst-case scenario turns into reality and prevention is no longer an option, there are still many solutions to arrest the dangers that oil spills pose. 

Absorbent products prove to be very potent in dealing with oil spills and chemical spills, as well as other types of water-based spills. There are various absorbent products available to us, fabricated out of different materials. Each possesses different properties and indications.

Read further to know everything you should know about spill absorbent products. 

Various kinds of absorbent products depending on their applications

The markets are full of various types of absorbent products. But not all products are created equal. In some use cases where centipede may work efficiently, filtration fabrics may not work at all. The efficacy of absorbent products depends on their application. 

Here we have listed types of absorbent products based on their applications. 

  • Oil-only absorbents 

As their name says, these adsorbents repel water and suck only hydrocarbon-based fluids. They are widely used in oil and petroleum industries. Filtration socks, pillows, pads, booms, etc., fall under this category. 

  • Hazchem absorbents

Hazchem absorbents successfully absorb every ounce of a chemical spill. Hence, these are used at workplaces that deal with hazardous chemicals. But again, not all kinds of Hazchem absorbents absorb every chemical. 

Every type of absorbent falling under this category has efficacy towards a specific kind of chemical. 

  • Universal absorbents 

As their name says, universal absorbents are capable of absorbing every kind of spill, whether oil or chemical. Their exceptional absorbing quality has given them the name, general-purpose absorbents. 

Whether a small leak or a potentially dangerous oil or chemical leak, these absorbent products limit the danger to a great extent. 

Various kinds of absorbent products according to their origin

We can also differentiate absorbent products based on their origin. We have listed them down here. 

  • Natural organic

These absorbent products are made with organic materials that occur naturally on the earth. Most of the natural organic adsorbents are made from cotton, sawdust, peat moss, and other such organic materials. 

These materials easily disperse in water and can absorb three to fifteen times their weight. They are widely used in dealing with oil and water-based spills. They do not help much with chemical spills. 

  • Natural inorganic

These absorbent products are mainly composed of volcanic ash, vermiculite, clay, and other such materials. They can absorb up to twenty times their weight. 

  • Synthetic 

Synthetic adsorbents are man-made. They are mainly made of polypropylene. They are sturdy enough to take up 50 to 60 times their weight. Moreover, they have a longer shelf life. 

However, owing to their origin (polypropylene is a type of plastic), they are not eco-friendly, and their disposal is a big concern. 

But, several companies now make recyclable and reusable synthetic adsorbents that pose no threat to the environment. 

The bottom line

Industrial spills spare no ecosystem. While the aquatic ecosystem bears a great deal of damage, the terrestrial ecosystem doesn’t go unaffected. Fortunately, with these robust spill absorbent products, it has become possible for the industries to avert once inextricable damage.

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