Make a Style Statement with your Dressing Choices

Make a Style Statement with your Dressing Choices

Knowing what your style statement is can give you a vital bridge between your outer and inner self. If you look the way you feel, you feel confident whatever the situation. You will be able to convey who you are in both social situations and at work.

Let’s have a look at some styles that you may feel connected with you.

Ageless or classic 

Some women always look stylish and relevant no matter what their age. Their style statement is whatever works for them, and they stick to it no matter the latest trends. So how do you dress to work when your style statement is ageless or classic?

The first thing is to wear individual pieces and combinations that never go out of style: A black turtleneck top with a contrast-coloured scarf, straight-leg pants, and ankle-length boots. You should wear colours that enhance your natural complexion but doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. 

Classic collared shirts in shades of white, gentle blues, and baby pinks, an occasional red, paired with dark trousers, can make a classic western style statement. Kurtis, without a lot of design, in a one or two-tone palette, make it to this. Sarees with small motifs and in classic reds, black, shades of white, blues, or greens look appropriate for formal business meetings or conferences.

Whether western or Indian, if you like the classic look, nail it by wearing well-fitted clothes. Sloppy, loose, or ill-fitting clothes have no place in your wardrobe. The shoes and handbag should be well-matched; they needn’t be a designer brand, but they should be of a high quality


A vibrant fashion style is for the woman who loves to be the centre of attention; her clothes, accessories, and makeup follow an energetic style and show a love for colour. If this speaks to you, your wardrobe should include clothes with asymmetrical patterns and textures.

Vibrant style followers know the right balance is essential so that the look is not tacky but eye-catching. The basic pieces, tops or blouses, will be in light materials with pastel shades. Some ways to get this eye-popping look are to wear a classic white shirt with printed trousers with dot-patterns or a beautiful lacy top with a colourful floral skirt.

Indian wear is particularly suited to this dressing style; you can pick kurtis, duppatas, or sarees embellished with kutch mirror work, kashidakari, or zardozi embroidery. This look is best when accessorized with some silver jewellery. A delicate chain with a silver pendant, perhaps with some filigree work or semi-precious stones, would complement a vivid look with just a touch of sophistication.

You can go all out with black kohl-rimmed eyes and a bindi. Since it is for the workplace, you should avoid multi-colours or stones in the bindi; but large bindis look very attractive if your forehead is not very small.  


With workplaces that have become less formal, you probably prefer a casual style. Casual styling means comfort, but it doesn’t mean clothes that are without charm. If you love casual fashion, you probably get put off by bright, exotic, and attention-grabbing items of clothes.

The styling tends to be well-put-together but simple. Dressy khaki or Capri pants work well with knit tops or tees with a smart blazer. A pair of comfortable heels and a tote bag; a simple chain and ear hoops complete the look. The clothing choices allow you to dress quickly and yet be chic.

Cotton mid-thigh kurtis in cotton with well-fitted pants look great if you prefer ethnic clothes. Casual never means unkempt; both top and pants should not be faded and should have been ironed neatly. A string of pearls, not too long, can add a touch of understated elegance to any casually styled outfit.


If you like to cycle to work or go for a workout in the middle of the workday, athleisure wear maybe just for you. Many brands have started making loose-fitting, light, and tunic styled tops that can be worn to the gym but are equally suited outside.

There are pants with a breathable, stretchable fabric that can be worn in a professional setting. You can choose tweed or herringbone patterns that look like the fabric used for more formal pants. These can easily be dressed up along with a casual blazer, some light jewellery like a silver pendant, and a floral scarf.

The world of fashion for today’s professional woman is filled with every style and trend option. It would be best if you took advantage of it and not restrict yourself. All you have to remember is to avoid anything too sheer, too tight, or low cut.

Choose the clothes that match your style statement, put on some natural-looking makeup to highlight your best facial features, add a little silver jewellery and walk with a confident stride. Everyone will know you mean business.

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