Top Three Reasons to Switch from Ordinary Soaps to Fiama Gel Bathing Bars

Fiama Gel Bathing Bars

Are you aware that stress can cause significant damage to the skin but regaining your happy skin might just require a few simple changes in your life? We have to work on reducing stress to improve the condition of our skin. I realized that the past year caused a lot of damage to my skin. Though I was mostly indoors (i.e. away from the outside pollution), my skin still showed signs of deterioration.

Apart from doing changes in my diet and lifestyle, I also switched from a bathing soap to a Gel Bar. With tons of Gel bar options available in the market, I had a tough time choosing the best one. Choosing the Fiama Gel Bar by ITC was the best decision I ever made and my skin still loves me for doing the same

So, what is so different in the Fiama Gel Bar from ITC when compared to Gel Bars from other brands? Unlike Fiama Gel Bars, gel bars from other FMCG companies do not contain the richness of natural ingredients in them. From a pricing perspective, Fiama Gel Bar from ITC is an economical option since the Combo pack contains gel bars of four different variants for regaining the moisture and richness of the skin 

According to my experience, here are some of the top reasons why Fiama Gel Bar does wonders on my skin:

Essentials of Natural Ingredients

Fiama Gel Bar is made from natural ingredients and I could literally feel the beauty of nature when bathing with Fiama Gel Bar. Goodness of nature ultimately results in the goodness of skin. I could see my skin feel soft, glowing and moisturized after bathing with the Fiama Gel Bar.

Economical and super-effective

It is a normal tendency to tag economical with cheap, but this is certainly not true for my bathing companion – Fiama Gel Bar The 75g Celebration Pack is available at your nearby stores which is power-packed with 4 gel bars, each in different colors and fragrances. Or you can get the bigger Celebration pack with five variants online at Rs. 259, it offers “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” promo for 125g bars. One more thing, all the bars have different natural and exotic ingredients in them.

What this means is that you can enjoy a unique bathing experience by choosing your favorite colored bar. I love all four fragrances and all of them work on regaining moisture in the skin and making it feel soft. My dull and dry skin started glowing once I started using the Fiama Gel Bar.

Here are the four different varieties of Fiama Gel Bars present in the celebration pack:

  • Orange soap is made with Peach and Avocado fruits
  • Purple soap is made with Blackcurrant and bearberry fruits
  • Green soap is made with Lemongrass leaves and Jojoba oil
  • Pink soap is made with Patchouli flowers and Macadamia nuts

I have never seen any FMCG company offering gel bars in different colors and fragrances in a single pack. 

The goodness of nature packed in each of the Fiama Gel Bars helps in alleviating the effects of stress on the skin and uplifting the mood. The bathing experience transforms into a spa-like experience, all thanks to Fiama Gel Bars.

Unique and attractive packaging

Outer product packaging is very important since that is the first thing seen by the consumers of the product.

The packaging of the Celebration pack is unique and very well executed. There is a silver foil in the box that holds the bars nicely, making it super-easy to remove the gel bars from the box.

The availability of four different colors and fragrances of Fiama Gel Bars in a uniquely designed box is a bonus for the consumers of Fiama Gel Bar The Celebration pack is a super-saver pack since it offers the “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” promo. 

The ‘Fiama Gel Bar’ Bathing Experience

The Fiama Gel Bar from ITC creates wonders on the skin and the primary reason is the goodness of natural ingredients in the Gel bar. The awesome fragrance offered by Fiama Gel Bar opens up all the closed pores of the skin.

Bathing with Fiama Gel Bars helps in regaining a soft and happy skin – something that you would have missed when bathing with non-skin friendly soaps. Taking a bath with the Fiama Gel bar uplifts your mood and makes you feel fresh & rejuvenated – all due to the breath-taking fragrances of the bar.

On the whole, bathing with the ‘Fiama Gel Bar’ is a mood-uplifting exercise that eventually results in relieving stress and regaining your soft and happy skin.


The everyday stress of work, home, relationships, and even social media is causing a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. I found switching from a soap bar to a gel bar is one of the few ideal ways to regain the moisture of my skin, in turn making me feel happy as well.

Fiama Gel Bars from ITC is one of the best gel bars available in the market since the bars are made from exotic natural ingredients and are available at a super-affordable price.

It’s high time we bid adieu to dry skin and welcome soft & happy skin by switching to ITC’s ‘Fiama Gel Bars’.

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