5 Reasons to Rent an Event Space in Chicago

5 Reasons to Rent an Event Space in Chicago

The holiday season is here. And what better way to kick off your holiday sales campaign than set up a temporary store in Chicago? One of the most obvious advantages of operating a pop up store is that they are cheaper than running a permanent store.

Chicago presents a mixed bag of opportunities for shoppers. The availability of skyscrapers in this city allows brands and businesses to take a front-row seat before potential customers. The city’s vibrant retail scene makes it easy for retailers as well as leading brands to set up pop up stores for both short-term basis and extended durations. 

This is a perfect opportunity for shoppers to satisfy their thirst for intimate and authentic brands as they also get to see the people behind them.

The abundance of event space in this city means more opportunities for your business. Setting up a temporary store during the holiday season guarantees you success. You just might be surprised to record the most sales for the year. While it is true that you can make good sales online, over 90% of sales are done in permanent stores while 85% of consumers prefer to shop offline.

Temporary stores provide an original and unique experience that will transform your brand into a showcase as well as an interactive way of generating emotions. The result is usually higher engagement and significant growth in your customer base.

Here are 5 reasons to consider if you’re still not sure if popping up in event space for rent Chicago during the holiday season is the best move:

Great opportunity to connect with your customers, build brand loyalty and expand customer base

The fact that you’re taking your brand where customers are is a strategic move that is guaranteed to cement brand loyalty and rope in new customers. You can use a pop up store as an innovative way of connecting with customers and creating unforgettable experiences.

This often results in greater commitment from your online customers even as well as a chance to expand your in-person presence. The experiential nature of pop up makes it possible to brand your store in a way that generates engagement.

It’s the best time to boost retail sales

Holidays are a time when people are willing to spend a little more than they would normally spend. Christmas sales alone could make up to 60% of the annual sales for most brands. No doubt this is the commercial season that records a significant increase in the traffic of people visiting most shopping destinations.

This temporary store can be your best lead generation tool to spike your sales.

A chance to build brand awareness

With effective management, having a temporary store is a perfect way to build brand awareness through interactions with existing and new consumers. You get a chance to share the inspiration behind the development of certain products.

You can also set up a demo or a timeline of the product development journey. This often yields great results as you can be sure to expand your reach.

Urgency Sells

Pop up stores on the notion of urgency. That is since they will only be around for a short period, customers have to take advantage of the seasonal sales or miss out. The result of this is that people shop impulsively and with a full illusion. The ephemeral nature of pop ups is that you buy today or miss out.

Get insight into a new product or experiment with new promotional strategies

Pop up stores give you the rare opportunity to connect with a global audience. As customers come to your store, they will not only purchase merchandise and walk away rather, you get a chance to engage them and ask for feedback about your product.

This is a good time to ask them what they don’t like and what they would like you to consider further in product development. You can also take advantage of your pop up store to experiment with new promotional strategies so you see what works for your brand. This way, you will be able to tell the areas that need improvement and where you need to redirect your resources.

Whether you want to pop up for a day, a week or a month, taking up event space chicago to set up pop up stores is a worthy investment for your business because when well executed, you can be sure to see the results in no time.

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