What are the Must-have Tools to work with Virtual Assistant?

What are the Must-have Tools to work with Virtual Assistant

Have you been looking at virtual assistant jobs and have finally identified the right expert from your business? It is crucial to prepare adequately before hiring them. One of the things you should do is get the right tools to help you and the virtual assistant work effectively.

Equipping yourself well with the right tools can make the hiring process more manageable for you and the virtual assistant.

You should therefore consider getting the following tools.

Google Drive

Instead of only relying on email to share files, you should consider using more effective management tools such as Google Drive. This allows you and your virtual assistant to handle files with ease.

Since Google drive can easily integrate with Google docs, it can help autosave files so that no crucial documents are lost. You can even come up with spreadsheets and share them with the virtual assistant through this tool.

As soon as you sign up with Google Drive, you will receive free storage space of about 15 GB. 


If you wish to hold meetings with your virtual assistant, you can do this through this tool. This is a comprehensive video tool that can give you access to a lot of useful features. Using zoom can help you enjoy an enhanced video conferencing experience due to the customizable options available.

You can use this tool to conduct online meetings and do group messaging when you are outsourcing services from different individuals. It is a user-friendly collaboration tool that many entrepreneurs working with virtual assistants use. 


This is also a must-have tool that can help you manage your files easily. It can help you stay more organized and coordinate well with your virtual assistant. You can use this tool to store graphics, ebooks, and even photos. It allows you to share different items and folders with your virtual assistant.

You can access all the files you need using various devices, even when you are not connected to the internet. Using Dropbox also enables you to remain informed. The tool can help you receive crucial notifications to avoid forgetting some things when you have a busy schedule. 


If you are not interested in video conferencing your virtual assistant but still want to communicate with them frequently, you can use WhatsApp. The app allows you to remain in contact with your virtual assistant. You can even use it well when both of you are working on individual projects together.

Rather than emailing the virtual assistant when handling a common task, you can send voice messages to them through WhatsApp. It is an easier way to get your message across your team. 


One of the significant concerns that many people have while moving their businesses online is security. As you think of working with a virtual assistant over here, you have to get a tool to boost security.

Lastpass is a crucial tool that can help you share and store sensitive details with a virtual assistant. This tool enables you to store passwords and usernames more securely.


You can also organize all your documents neatly on a virtual desktop with the help of Paperport. This is a useful tool that every business owner working with a virtual assistant should have. The tool also allows you to share different documents with your virtual assistant.

Paperport also allows you and the virtual assistant to edit PDFs in different ways, such as adding text, highlighting crucial areas, or erasing certain words. This tool lets you and the virtual assistant work on different documents in an electronic environment without wasting printing papers or repeatedly scanning them. 

Wireless router

Before hiring a virtual assistant, you should ensure that you invest in a wireless router. This a useful tool that can give you a strong and reliable internet connection so that you can easily share files with your virtual assistant or even video conference them without issues like poor internet connectivity.

Ensure you buy a router that handles dual-band connection so that you can use different devices simultaneously. If you plan on making Skype calls to your virtual assistant, you should look for a router that features QoS settings.

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