Should You Use Essential Oils For Constipation?

Should You Use Essential Oils For Constipation

The human body is a marvel of biological engineering. Every part has its purpose, and every organ is connected to each other. It’s a beautiful masterpiece that only biology could muster through millions of years of improvements. The thing about evolution is that it takes a long time.  

As a species, we want everything to be a bit easier. Now, even though we were created as beings that should move to survive, we’ve transformed our societies to force us to be seated all the time. That’s when the body sends out a signal that something isn’t as it should be. Click on this link to read more. 

Our entire metabolism slows down when we sit for more than eight hours a day. Well, almost all of us have a job that makes us stay in front of a computer for that amount of time. And then when we go home, we do the same thing.  

We’re in a seated position when we drive, and we sit on the couch to watch TV, play games, or simply browse social media. It’s the new normal. You’d be surprised to know that prolonged sitting is the number one cause for constipation and hemorrhoids.

Other causes can be stress, dehydration, or a change in your diet. Instead of taking pills to take care of the problem, you might want to try something that’s more natural, such as an essential oil. 

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are plant extracts that come from cold pressing or steaming them. As a medicine, they have been used for thousands of years. A master shaman or an old doctor would conjure up a solution of herbs to give to people in pain. The modern world is finally starting to notice the wisdom and the benefits that come from these oils.  

They can treat almost anything, and luckily, constipation is included in that list. Since many tribes didn’t have a vast array of food to eat during the winter months, many of our ancestors suffered from the same problem.

They shouldn’t be consumed as this essential oils article says, and some of them can be toxic to ingest. Instead, you need to rub them on the skin, and in many cases, you need to dilute them in another substance. 


This is a plant that has digestive stimulatory effects. There are many studies that back up the gastric motility properties of ginger. That serves as an excellent aid when it comes to combatting this problem since it improves the mobility of our intestines.  

Not only that, but it also has a high amount of gingerols, which are active compounds that serve to combat inflammation. The way to make a mixture is to take three to five drops of it with a carrier such as a grapeseed or a coconut oil.  

Then take the mixture and rub it all over your abdomen. In some cases, you might need to do this multiple times a day. The recommended amount is once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once before bed.  


Peppermint isn’t only a flavor of gum. Most of us know this plant because it’s an embedded compound in almost every pack of chewing gum on the market. That minty flavor comes from it. However, it also has exceptionally beneficial antispasmodic properties when it comes to the digestive tract.  

Since we can’t control our intestines willingly, we have to rely on unconscious effects. Peppermint can be used to relax all of the muscles in our stomach, which in turn makes the bowels looser. Multiple studies confirmed this back in 2008, and all of the patients that suffered from irritable bowel syndrome were cured.  Follow this link for more info.

The way to prepare the oil is similar to the previous one. Take one or two drops of peppermint and mix them with a spoon of grapeseed or coconut oil. Then rub the resulting mixture onto your abdomen, and you can also massage the area. Try as much as you can to inhale the aroma, because that helps too.  

Do this three times per day until you notice that you’re getting better. It won’t be a long time before your constipation gets relieved. The only people who shouldn’t experiment with essential oils are pregnant women because there isn’t any research about any potential side effects. Everyone else gets a green light.

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