Keep Your Data Safe With These Modern Privacy Tools For Your Phone

Keep Your Data Safe With These Modern Privacy Tools For Your Phone

The technological advancement debate on convenience vs privacy can very easily be seen in the development of the smartphone. Even though phones ease the completion of certain tasks, they also store our cookies and can be used as a tracking device.

There is no perfectly secure smartphone. Phones will always have a vulnerable aspect just by being able to access the internet. You can however reduce these vulnerabilities by using the tools below on your phone:


A virtual private network (VPN) redirects your internet traffic through a secure server, hiding your location and your browsing history. It also encrypts data sent between you and the server, giving you protection from hackers.

VPNs are easy to use. You simply have to download the program and install it on your device for your internet activity to be hidden and encrypted. 

You should however always remember that VPNs do not guarantee 100% privacy. The site you are logged in can still be able to see what you are doing on their website, while some others like Facebook and Google can still track what you are doing off the sites.

Always look for VPN testing reviews. If you are based in the US, take a look at When your are located or planning to travel out of the country, for example China, read the following report

A Password Manager

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Setting and remembering different passwords for different accounts is difficult. If you write the passwords down, set weak easy to remember passwords or use the same password for all your accounts, you will be making a huge security and privacy mistake.

A password manager creates strong and unique passwords for each site requiring a login and automatically fills them in when you are login in, based on one strong master password.  Using it decreases the possibility of forgetting passwords and increases your security and privacy.

Some password managers also use two-factor authentication to provide a more secure service.

Vault Apps

These are apps that provide a password protected chamber where the smartphone owner can lock their photos, videos, messages and other private data. 

Most vault apps secure mobile applications in general, prompting for passwords when the apps are opened, therefore restricting access. Other apps give the user the option to select specific data to be hidden, effectively separating public and private pictures, videos and messaging contacts on their phone.

Communication Encryptors

These are programs that encrypt your emails and other communications and decrypts them once they get to their destination. These apps also store the communication and any other information in an encrypted format, only decrypting them when password prompted. 

This ensures that all your communication is private and secure and protects it from being intercepted in-transit.

Secure and Private Browsers

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Browsers come with different levels of privacy and security protection. Some browsers like Brave and Firefox (modified) offer an added layer of browsing security either by not collecting your browsing data, automatically blocking trackers or encrypting your communication and information.

Privacy And Security For Your Phone

The digital world looks like it was designed to ensure your privacy and online security are always compromised. In this year alone, there have been more than 500 hacks. The above tools will protect your data from hackers and keep your device secure.

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