How to Keep Your Business Data Safe in 2020

How to Keep Your Business Data Safe in 2020

Data safety is a topic that is undoubtedly becoming the top priority for all relevant industries in the world, including individual internet users. Modern consumers are increasingly using the internet to go about their daily purchases. 

However, each time they pay for something online, they expose their private and financial data to a wide range of cyber threats and other security risks. Since most modern consumers are mobile, it’s no wonder there is an increasing number of security tools at their disposal that are meant to keep the user’s data safe

The internet era gave way to the age of cybersecurity, especially if we take the latest data breaches that struck a range of global companies. Over 60% of USA internet users have data privacy and safety concerns when browsing the web.

Therefore, it’s time to get on board with the latest measures of keeping your business data safe.

Password Strength Checks

The journey to achieving a full level of cybersecurity is a long one. You can start by analyzing how your consumers can ensure extra safety and security of their data and accounts. The first step is to test how the process of setting up an account profile works. 

The majority of websites allow consumers to set up their accounts by creating a profile or checkout as guests. However you take it, your website stores their personal information. To ensure extra safety for your future customers, add password checks to improve the strength of your customer’s passwords. 

That way, you’ll improve individual customer security in case any data breach occurs. Consider adding additional security checkpoint features to fortify your security measures additionally.

Through password strength checks, each user will be required to create strong passwords that hackers won’t be able to crack that easily.

Use Cloud Data Storage

The best way to give a real boost to the safety of your customers’ information is to start using cloud data storage solutions. Performing a cloud migration, or better, the process of transporting customer data to the cloud, is easy, and the cloud is the most secure solution for data storage. 

The cloud offers quite a few benefits to the user:

  • Built-in security features such as cross-enterprise visibility, periodic updates, and security analytics;
  • Advanced cybersecurity analytics to identify any weak points;
  • Improved security protocols;
  • Data management platforms and warehouses don’t have any of these enhanced security tools, leaving your business, and sensitive data vulnerable.

Consider Standardizing Offline and Online Data Storage

Many businesses make the same mistake in securing data in non-secure, varying environments, like data warehouses. Later on, they migrate to the cloud, leaving that data behind, unprotected, and eventually suffering a data breach. 

To avoid this risk, standardize all your offline and online data storage. This will congregate all sensitive data in one place and make keeping that data up to date much more manageable. It will also make your data more retrievable and manageable.

Data needs segmenting, sorting, categorizing, prioritizing, and updating from time to time. All these processes require a human touch, which increases the chance of human error. Instead of wasting time on manual work, allow automation to do the work for you while you focus on the core mission.

This is also where you can control who has access to your data. If you have an entire team dedicated to sorting your data, you can make collaboration more comfortable with the right tool in your hands. The best tool for such a task is JFrog Docker.

Docker allows you to work with your team on enterprise-level projects and manage permissions and users. Use it to grant or revoke access according to the current needs. This is one of the best ways to manage sensitive data while working on projects or simply keeping your business up and running.

Know the Potential Threats to Your Business Data and Website

If you want to get ahead of the competition curve and keep your consumers happy and returning, security and privacy have to be your top priorities. Keep in mind that keeping your security up to date is a constant effort that requires your full attention daily. 

However, running a business, keeping customers happy and competitors at bay, and coping with security issues is a tedious and overwhelming task. Fortunately, modern cybersecurity technology is the answer to your questions.

It allows you to identify all the latest and potential threats to your data and business by safeguarding your security at all times. The key is in analyzing your security to identify any potential weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and points of access hackers can use to breach your security measures and steal your data. 

There is a vast range of software tools available to choose from, but you shouldn’t stop there. Learn how to use all available tools together in the effort of continually improving and enhancing your cybersecurity measures.


Modern consumers show increased interest in how online businesses manage, use, and store their personal and financial data. As a company owner, you should do everything within your power to keep your business data secure and safe. 

Simple tools and technologies can help you in those efforts, but you can improve your security by educating your consumers on the importance of cybersecurity.

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