Choosing The Right Shoes & Apparel For Your Workout

Choosing The Right Shoes & Apparel For Your Workout

Anyone can do a workout, but not everyone has the discipline or the knowledge to do one properly. There are prerequisites to account for, and this includes workout clothes. The apparel you wear for exercise matters because it can affect how you sweat, how you look, or how comfortable you’ll be while working out.

Here’s a guide on what you need to wear and avoid in order to feel your best during your exercise.

True Performance Fabrics

Experts consider these fabric types as optimal for working out, thanks to their flexibility and moisture-wicking feature. This means that you can exercise without worrying about tearing your apparel or getting bogged by sweat.

Take note that not every fabric labeled “true performance” is equal in quality. When looking for one, see the material it’s made of as well as the brand reputation. What customers think of true performance wear can say volumes about how the brand makes its products.

For the upper body, you can either go with sleeveless or sleeved shirts. There really is no significant difference, unless you’re conscious of exposing your underarms. The same goes for lower body garments; you can choose to wear gym shorts or sweat pants, as long as they help dry sweat while staying odor-free for long.

Jewelry Or Accessories

There are jewelry pieces and accessories that should get taken off when you’re about to sweat out. Remove necklaces, rings, watches, or the like when exercising. Doing so helps prevent accidents or damage to these accessories due to hitting or snagging them on a fitness machine. 

Another reason your body is better off working out without jewelry or similar accessories is sweat. Perspiration can trigger allergic reactions once it comes in contact with the metal, which could inconvenience you in terms of skin treatment. If you have rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets made of precious metals, you’re better off storing them  

Still, there are accessories or wearables that are specifically designed for use in the gym. These are made of sweat-proof or sweat-resistant materials, making them last longer even when exposed to perspiration on your hair or body. Examples include fitness watches that can track your heart rate or calories burned and head or earphones that let you listen to some audio while working out.

Seasonal Considerations

Working out can also be affected by the current season or weather. What you need to wear on warm summer months would obviously be different from the clothes expected during winter. For summer, choose clothes that have breathable features or those that allow air to flow through the fabric to cool the skin.

For winter, you might assume dressing in warm clothes is the key, which is partly correct. Just don’t forget to wear ones that you can easily remove once your body warms up enough from working out. Also, bring gear that can cover your head, ears, and hands to keep them from getting too cold.

If you’re going to be exercising outdoors on a fair day, you can also just go shirtless or wear a sports bra to ensure you sweat and get cooled by air at the same time. 

Training And Running Shoes

When choosing the shoes for your workout, make sure you can identify training shoes and running shoes. The latter is used for activities that involve heel-to-toe movement, hence the inclusion of “running” in the term. These shoes are built with cushions and elevated heels that support your feet by absorbing shock from the ground.

On the other hand, training shoes are more versatile in that they are designed for multi-directional movement. As compared to the elevated heels of the running variant, training shoes have flatter soles, which allow the wearer flexibility in their movements. 

Besides training and running shoes, walking shoes are also available to fitness enthusiasts. These shoes are designed for less intense physical activities like brisk walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical, so wear them if you don’t have to jog several kilometers or endure some weight training.

Sports Headbands

As well as a bad pair of shoes, hair can be an impediment to a good workout, especially for those with long or unmanageable locks. This explains why sports headbands are a must for women and men who need to keep their hair in place. To further ensure this, you can buy hair bands to tie your locks so they won’t get in your face.

Another benefit of sports headbands is they can keep sweat off your face. In order for this to happen though, the headband has to be made of a material that can absorb sweat and let it evaporate. Microfiber counts as a popular example of this, thanks to its absorption properties. This becomes more effective when paired with polyester, a material that helps dry moisture quickly.

Gym Wristbands And Hand Bands

Speaking of sweat, your hands could get slippery especially when you perspire without wearing gym wristbands. These accessories in a similar way to headbands in that they can absorb sweat, specifically from your arms. Having hands that aren’t made slippery by sweat helps, especially for those who have to do some heavy lifting with weight training machines.

If you do this a lot with your barbells and dumbells, you can also benefit from getting hand bands. These accessories give you a firmer grip when handling the weights as opposed to doing so with bare, sweaty hands. When looking for these bands, make sure they fit snugly with your hands so that they won’t get loose and slip off.

What To Wear For Your Workout

You should pay attention to several pieces of clothing and accessories if you want to ensure your workout gets done properly. Make sure you’re wearing fabrics that can dry sweat quickly while cooling your body with air. Perspire without the hassle by wearing hair bands, hand bands, and wrist bands.

Wear the appropriate kind of shoes for the type of workout you’ll be doing. By following these tips, you should be able to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle with little to no inconvenience.

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