Coolest Denim Dungaree Outfits Trending in 2020

Coolest Denim Dungaree Outfits Trending in 2020

Dungarees, also know as overalls, give you the “cool kid” vibe. They first came into the limelight in 17th century India. The fabric used for making affordable, robust working clothes was known as “Dungri” until the British added a twist and coined it as dungaree. They because super popular during the 90s, given they are versatile and can be effortlessly styled.

Denim Dungarees are back to dominate the fashion world and in a big way too. These dungarees are a real throwback piece that points right back to yesteryear, but they’re back now and won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Why not? These denim beauties not only breathe comfort but also makes your effortlessly fashionable dreams come true.

These comfortable, stylish wardrobe items come in a wide range of shapes and colors – each one is one of a kind. They are the ultimate, all in one classic ensemble that can help create a tomboy look or a cute look or even a super chic uptown look.

Here is a compilation of some of the coolest ideas to sport denim dungarees this 2020. Let’s get started to look super fabulous.

The Cool & Cute Dungaree Shorts Look

Pair your denim shorts with a solid or printed tank top and sneakers for a stylish yet casual and comfortable summer look. You can leave your hair open or make a top knot messy bun and sport some hand accessories to accentuate the look.

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You can also sport a bralette or a striped tee with a pop of bold lip colour with your dungaree shorts. A pair of pointer heel-ed pumps will simply notch up your style quotient without looking too juvenile.

This is the perfect look for a hot summer day- or a humid summer night-party.

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Whoever said denim dungarees are strictly only a casual item of clothing from your wardrobe have definitely not watched Sex and the City or the Confessions of a Shopaholic or any Fashion magazine for that matter. You can make a statement in a classic black dungaree with a white boxy shirt or tee, a heel-ed oxford shoes, and a fedora hat with bold lips.

This look is super easy to sport and incredibly chic at the same time. Moreover, you can also don your dungaree with a tube top and black ankle-length boots, kohl eyes, nude lips. Go for a sleek hair-do and let your dungaree do all the talking!

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The Tomboy Dungaree Look

Did you know that you can make an easy tomboy dungaree look, look fashionable too? No? Here’s how you can achieve that. Pair your dungaree with a solid tee and layered with an oversized checkered shirt. You can accessorize this simple look with a pair of black lace-up heels, a high ponytail,

No Makeup makeup look, and voila! Grab your wayfarers and a waist bag to paint the town with your cool kid vibe.

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The Tattered Dungaree look

Make this stylish dungaree look more powerful with a color pop blazer on top and a pair of sneakers. You can go for oversized golden hoops, chunky rings, messy braid, dramatic winged eyeliner for a modish runaway look.

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The Layered Dungaree Look

Want to style a dungaree like a Victoria Secret model or a fashionista? Sport the dungaree with straps off (or on) your shoulders and a graphic or solid tee layered with a shirt tied up or left open. Do note that if the tee is solid, you can go with a checkered shirt for a clean, fashionable look or vice versa.

However, do avoid to go for prints on prints as that doesn’t accentuate the layers and might do your style more harm than good. You can accessorize this look with brown brogues or black military boots and a patterned bandana headgear.

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The Coloured denim Dungaree Look

You can go for colored denim dungaree- pink or coral or yellow, and pair it with a light-colored T-shirt or a crop top and platform trainers for a sophisticated sporty look.

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The Denim Dungaree Skirt Look

You can attain a very feminine and dainty look while donning a denim dungaree skirt. Pair them up with a quirky, bright crop t-shirt, a waist bag, and platform sandals. You can also accessorize the look with a sports cap and minimal makeup.

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One Shoulder Strap-on Dungaree Look

This is a careless chic look that you can sport with a strappy bodysuit or a knotted T-shirt. You can pair the look with statement earrings, colored liner, middle-parted hairstyle, bright socks, and strap-on black heels.

Try it out and rest assured to stand out in the crowd as a style icon. Just don’t forget to wear your confidence with it, okay?

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So there are some of the best dungaree outfits that are worth a shot. Choose the one(s) which brings out your personality the best. However, don’t hesitate to explore the styles further with it and make it even more personalized. Denim Dungarees are that piece from anyone’s closet which never really goes out of style.

It is that outwear that got you covered from night and day and from casual to super modish just like that. Just try to escape the ordinary and explore!

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