Benefits of Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Benefits of Organic Liquid Fertilizer

With more and more people watching what they eat, organic farming has become popular. With it, organic liquid fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer refers to fertilizer that comes from compost or manure. This is what most organic farmers use to produce healthy looking and nutritious crops. Organic liquid fertilizers can be bought from the shop but many organic farmers prefer to make it at home.

It is easy and cheap to make. All you need is kitchen waste to make compost or manure. Mix this with water in a container of any size you like and let it rest for a week. Keep away from direct sunshine. In a week, your fertilizer is ready and you can apply it to your crops.

Here are the benefits of liquid organic fertilizer.


Organic liquid fertilizer is pocket friendly. As mentioned, you do not even have to leave your home to go and buy it. You can easily make it at home with easily available ingredients. 

If you do not keep animals, you can easily buy manure or dried poultry droppings that you can use to make it. Kitchen waste which includes egg shells, waste vegetables, left over foods are all ingredients of organic fertilizer.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike synthetic or chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizer provides required nutrients to crops without the harmful effects to the environment. Chemical fertilizers cause acidity in the soil with increasing use. Also, they may be harmful to other crops or plants that naturally grow in and around the garden.

Further, chemical fertilizers find their way into our rivers where they can harm the flora and fauna in the water ecosystem and those that use the water for drinking or other purposes.

Organic fertilizers on the other hand, first do not run off. Second, their continued use only results in more fertile soils with balanced PH. They also do little if any harm to crops in and around the farm.

Improve soil structure

Organic fertilizers contain organic matter which keeps the soil together once it is added to it. This helps improve the soil components. It helps build up useful microbes in the soil which produce a healthy and fertile soil for crops.

In the long run, organic fertilizers will increase the productivity of soil.

Immediate boost to crop growth

Liquid organic fertilizer is fast acting. If at any time your crops look unhealthy and droopy, water them and immediately add liquid fertilizer to them. Most plants when applied with the liquid organic fertilizer will instantly regain their healthy look.

This means that there was an immediate uptake of nutrients from the fertilizer.


Liquid organic fertilizer is made from natural organic matter. As such it is not harmful to the soil, crops, animals, humans and water bodies that it gets in contact with. In helping develop healthy and nutritious crops, it results in a cleaner and less toxic environment.

Healthier people

Seeing that liquid organic fertilizer is natural and it builds up the soil to help produce healthier crops. We can then conclude that those who eat the crops are healthy.

Extensive studies have linked the continued use of chemical fertilizers to the rising cancer cases and other diseases in different parts of the world. If more people could adopt organic farming for most of the food we eat, more people would be healthier with fewer diseases that can be traced to the food we eat.

Slow release

Even though they have an immediate effect on the crop, liquid organic fertilizers are slow release. As a result, they will rarely over-fertilize your land or crops. Chemical fertilizers are known to do this with application of high doses which is harmful to the soil and crop.


Organic liquid fertilizers have many benefits. This fertilizer is useful to both large- and small-scale farmers. It helps improve the soil that then results in healthier and nutritious crops that are fit for both human and animal consumption.

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