How to Easily Convert MP4 to AAC Format?

How to Easily Convert MP4 to AAC Format

As an avid music lover, I am always inadvertently impressed by the background music in movies, videos and TV shows and hope to extract them from video files quickly and simply.

I believe that many people have the same ideas as me when watching movies. After a long trial, we found the best format for converting MP4 -AAC, which not only has a smaller file size but also a higher quality.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to convert MP4 video to AAC when you want to extract audio content from the video.

Why AAC is the best format to convert MP4?

There are two reasons to explain why AAC is the best format to convert MP4 to audio files. First, AAC is the successor to MP3, but AAC has better sound quality than MP3 under the same parameters.

Not only that, AAC audio files take up less storage space than MP3 files at the same quality, which is enough to show that AAC has a small size compared with MP3. Secondly, although AAC is not a format designed by Apple, it has become the default format for audio in iTunes and one of the preferred formats for Apple devices.

Therefore, converting MP4 video to AAC is beneficial for you to enjoy high-quality audio on iPhone, iPad and other devices if you are an Apple user.

How to convert MP4 to AAC?

To help you convert MP4 video to AAC on your computer in an easier and faster way, we have summarized two methods for your reference, let’s get started.

  • Use a professional program to convert MP4 to AAC

In fact, many conversion programs can be found on the Internet to help you convert video and audio files, but the most recommended one is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

It also adds additional functions on the basis of the conversion features, such as screen recording, editing videos, and creating GIFs, add subtitles, etc., which makes it an all-in-one tool.

Step 1: Add MP4 files.

After downloading the software, you have two options to add MP4 files to the program. You can click “Add Files” to import the files, or you can drag the file into the software.

Step 2: Choose “AAC” from “Audio” format to convert MP4 to AAC.

Enter the output format from the right side of the interface, and select “AAC” as the output format under the “Audio” tab. Similarly, you can also choose to convert MP4 files to TS, MPG, MTS, WAV, MKV, VOB, AC3, WAV and other audio and video formats.

Step 3: Start conversion process MP4 to AAC.

After determining the output format and selecting the save path and you can click the “Run” button to convert MP4 to AAC!


  • Realize safe and fast audio and video conversion with the help of hardware acceleration technology.
  • Supports batch conversion of audio and video files, allowing 10 at a time.
  • Equipped with multilingual user interface.
  • Allows conversion of audio and video to digital devices, such as TVs, desktops, phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Multiple gadgets are embedded, video downloader, video editor, GIF maker, screen recorder, ringtone creator, etc.
  • No quality loss.
  • Improve video quality by converting SD videos to HD videos.


  • Windows version only.
  • Ask for help with online converters

If you don’t want to burden the disk space on your computer or don’t like third-party conversion software, maybe you can try online converters, they can be easily found on Google, most of the steps and principles in them are similar, take Zamzar as an example, a popular online converter can meet your needs to convert MP4 to AAC without quality loss.

Step 1: Add MP4 file to online converter.

Open the website and add MP4 video to the tool to convert it to AAC.

Step 2: Select AAC as the output format.

Open the format menu and slide the mouse down, then find AAC as the output format in “Audio Format”.

Step 3: Press the “Convert Now” button to convert MP4 to AAC.


  • A free tool without downloading any programs.
  • Efficient conversion speed.
  • Support multiple file types, audio, video, CAD, document, etc.
  • Various output formats can be selected.


  • The file size is limited and cannot exceed 2GB.
  • Convert files one by one.
  • Converting files to devices is not supported.

Final words

To be honest, both methods are practical in converting MP4 to AAC. Everyone only needs to choose what suits them according to their actual needs and preferences.

If your daily conversions are mostly audio and video, the first method is feasible for you, and it also allows you to edit media files, download online videos from YouTube, add subtitles and special effects, merge videos, etc.

If you need to convert images, documents, etc. in addition to audio and video, it is recommended to try the second method, but please note that it is actually charged once your file size exceeds the specified size.

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