How to Deal with an Uncouth Boss

How to Deal with an Uncouth Boss

Once your career is on the right track, you feel confident and ready to work. Everyone hopes to get colleagues that they can work with well. This includes bosses or managers even when they are micro mangers, someone who values the work you give them, and those who will help you grow in your work.

However, sometimes, you may not be as lucky to get the fantastic bosses, but you can get an uncouth boss, who has anger management issues, has favorites, is a bully, among other things.

Yet you need to get the best of such a boss as you work. So, how best do you deal with an uncouth boss and still maintain your job?

Below are ways that you can try to deal with an uncouth boss. 

Set boundaries 

One way to deal with an uncouth boss is to set boundaries. In this way, it will help you to stay sane and concentrate on your work. If you are working with someone who has no boundaries, it is just logical to set them.

This will help you to keep distance as you do your work and also avoid any issues that provoke your boss. Also, it will help you stay sane enough as you look for a new job and help you know how better to deal with future uncouth bosses.

So, set boundaries as they say, “good fences make good neighbors.” As unlikeable people always have unlikable behavior, and it is best to have boundaries with them.

 You can maintain anonymity about your personal life issues so that there’s no room for any word-spreading or rumors among your colleagues.

Find out your boss’s motivation 

Once you identify your boss’s motivation, it is easy to know how to deal with an uncouth boss. Find out why your boss cares or does what he does about various things at work so that you and your coworkers can understand his management style.

The boss can be motivated by the way you work by several things. Know the different things that trigger bosses and how to deal with such issues at work.

For instance, maybe you take long during your lunch break, talk too much during office hours, among other things that make him care about how it looks to other employees

Be one step ahead 

It is important to think and act ahead of what your boss requests may be. Try the best you can to go a step ahead. Anticipate the tasks that your boss will offer you, and in this way, you will halt any uncouth behavior that will come from them as they will not have a reason to react to anything. For instance, if you are reminded a lot about a specific report.

Minimize the need to provoke your boss by having it ready at their desk before they ask for it. In this way, your boss will keep off watching your every move as she or he can see you have your responsibilities sort out. 

Stop assuming

You must stop assuming that your boss knows everything. Although they have the title of a boss, they are not right all the time. So, no matter how uncouth they are, as they give their opinions or answers. Sometimes the answer you are withholding is the right one is just that they have made you fearful.

So, it is important to chip in when necessary. As many uncouth bosses make it seem like they know everything. Yet, the title boss does not mean, “an all-knowing person.” 

Avoid future bosses 

More importantly, another way to avoid an uncouth boss is to avoid future bosses. Therefore, as you interview in a new company. It is best to do your research to ensure that you are not getting into a situation that will force you to deal with an uncouth manager.

So, to know if you will be dealing with a less than an ideal manager. Have a date with one of the staffers of the company you hope to work with. In this way, you will get a lot of information about the company and what its culture entails.

Thus, if you can get information on what to expect from your potential boss. It will give you a heads up on what to expect.

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