Throttle On – Effective Methods To Boost Engine Performance

Throttle On - Effective Methods To Boost Engine Performance

It does not matter if you are a gear-head or not, tuning your engine and working to enhance its performance is a prerequisite for every car owner. This not only keeps it working but also gives it a longer operational life, free from extra costs of breakdowns and seizures.

The thrill of driving a fast car is unparalleled. Even if you are not a speed-enthusiast, the extra addition of power in your engine’s combustion chamber keeps the car running smoothly. And to top it off, who does not like to wave at clumsy teenagers that try to race you as they accelerate their cars on the highway?

In a simplified nutshell, we know that engines use the chemical energy of fuels and convert them into useful mechanical energy. But, before the energy in the fuel is extracted, it has to be burned, in a process called combustion.

During the burning process, the air is an essential raw material because of oxygen content, that aids in lighting up fuel.

So, a simple relationship can be established between engine performance and the amount of combustion taking place.

Tuning your engine is not as simple as introducing more oil, rather the key is to modify the capacity of the engine to work with more fuel and air.

To boost the performance of your engine, we consulted seasoned car-enthusiasts and got to know these methods.

Reduce Engine Weight

The laws of physics establish an essential truth: heavier objects simply have greater inertia which makes them reluctant to a change of state. Therefore, lighter cars will move faster as compared to those that are bulky.

To improve the performance of your engine and automobile altogether, make necessary amendments to decrease the overall weight of components.

These can range from replacing heavy engine parts, with their modern material counterparts that are both durable, and lighter. You can also get rid of extra seating that you do not utilize and is a burden on your engine’s output.

Always keep the trunk empty, and switch glass windows with acrylic shades. These additions aid in making the car more aerodynamic, and hence increasing its ability to power through.

Invest In A Cold Air Intake

Cold air intakes have surfaced recently, as an innovative method to amplify engine torque, performance, and horsepower. As the name suggests, this addition increases the inlet of cold air in the combustion chamber for igniting the fuel.

Colder air is denser, hence it can carry an increased volume of oxygen with it, as compared to hot air. 

Cold air intake systems, such as the cobb cold air intake, can also increase the responsiveness of a car when throttled. A large amount of cold air delivery results in increased combustion, and more mechanical output to power your car.

They also guarantee improved mileage, by maintaining an optimum air-to-fuel ratio, giving your automobile an enhanced fuel economy.

Install Modern Performance Chipsets

There’s a reason modern cars are optimized to deliver efficiency, performance, and mileage. They come pre-installed with electronic maintenance systems that control all the necessary vitals of an engine, ranging from the inlet air-to-fuel ratio to the timing of combustion, etc.

These days commercial performance chipsets are available in a variety of types that can be installed in all cars, to override the outdated factory settings, and optimize the performance of engines.

If you are looking to boost the output of your car’s engine, replace your factory chip.

Your Car Deserves Attention

The engine is the heart of a car. It not only provides it with energy to move but determines the overall well-being of the automobile as well.

With the onset of advanced mechanical technology and innovative maintenance solutions, tweaking your engine to maximize performance is easier than ever.

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