A Layman’s Introduction to Stem Cell Therapy and its Benefits

Stem Cell Therapy

At the onset of a trailblazing technological revolution, the medical community has explored novel solutions to chronic medical problems that are more effective and less risky than ever before.

People that cannot undergo reconstructive surgeries for certain problems can now turn to Stem Cell Treatment for relief. Still, you might be wondering, what is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy exists under the medical domain known as “regenerative medicine.” It might sound complex but is easy to make sense of. In a nutshell, this treatment consists of the repair of dysfunctional, diseased or injured tissue, by injecting stem cells or its derivatives into the affected area.

Medical professionals grow these cells in highly monitored laboratories where they can specifically manipulate the function of growth such as nerve, blood or muscle cells.

Research has led to a very feasible administration of this therapy –– patients can have a simple outpatient procedure carried out by expert clinics.

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The Function of Stem Cells

As the name suggests, stem cells act in some ways as the raw material of the human body. These cells form the foundation of other more specialized cells such as nerve, blood and muscle cells when they grow, repairing many dysfunctions that might be caused because of a lack of specific tissue.

Under the right conditions, these cells multiply into daughter-cells as a preliminary phase to eventually generate more stem cells through a process of self-renewal, giving the body highly functional and specialized tissue for maintenance.

Over time this procedure has gained popularity because of the benefits it poses as an alternative to surgery.

Here we will discuss the most potent benefits.

Heart Disease Treatment

One of the symptoms of cardiovascular disease is a lack of oxygen reception by heart tissue. This can result in the formation of damaged tissue that alters blood pressure, and consequently raises the risk of a heart attack.

According to groundbreaking research enabled by stem cell therapy, people suffering from heart disease can be treated by injecting stem cells from adult bone marrow. These cells facilitate the buildup of growth factors to repair damaged blood vessels and heart tissue.

Injury Recovery

Because stem cells can further evolve into daughter cells, they can help enhance the growth of healthy tissue that will help people recover from injuries like muscle tears.

There are always options to cure a disease!

Every day medical professionals are making groundbreaking discoveries to provide effective remedies for chronic conditions. Because advances in stem cells and the benefits they represent, regenerative medicine has seen remarkable growth as an effective alternative to invasive surgeries and risk-bearing treatments.

The exclusive property of stem cells to provide the body with extra raw material for repair and maintenance is making it an excellent medical find to treat a wide range of chronic conditions.

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