Checklist for your Car Electrical System

Checklist for your Car Electrical System

You can compare a car to the human body. They both need a constant supply of either food or fuel. They both have a way of storing energy in either a battery or in the form of ATP.

The automobile and the body also have an electrical system that can be a pain when not working correctly.

So, when the human body has problems or is due for a checkup, you call in a specialist called a doctor. Likewise, when your car electrical system is giving you problems, or you know it’s time for servicing, you call in a specialist as well. 

Many people are, however, guilty of missing that routine checkup that could end up saving them a lot of money and time down the road. Not to mention the pain of being completely caught off guard at the wrong time.

Just like our bodies, our cars need to go for inspections, to save us from a potential nightmare. 

So how do you know what to look for? A dentist wouldn’t go poking around in your ear.

Lucky for you, we’ve made things a little bit easier by writing a checklist for inspecting your car electrical system.

Here it is: 


Remember when we mentioned the importance of a battery earlier? A bad battery can make your car the equivalent of useless. It’s at the core of the electrical system because it provides current to other parts of the system.

Without it, pieces like the ignition and fuel system don’t get enough charge to create the combustion required for your car to move.

 Like other parts of your car electrical system, you’ll have to be careful when using the test equipment. Then in the evaluation of your battery, you’ll want to check for cracks, bulges, and leaks. It’s essential to also check for signs of corrosion, especially in your cables.

Finally, don’t forget to test the battery for minimum voltage, level of fluid in the cell, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte.


Your starter is just as essential to your electrical system as your battery. You’ll want to evaluate for signs of trouble in the opener. The first place to look should be at the current draw. When the current draw is too high or low, it could indicate different things.

While the former suggests that your starter is beginning to wear out, the latter suggests you’re experiencing corroded cables. To inspect the starter, you’ll have to run it through a few cycles and listen attentively.

Strange noises could also be an indication that something is amiss. Other parts you shouldn’t overlook while checking are the neutral safety switch and clutch swift. 


Your alternator is also referred to as your charging system. One of the main things to check should be the proper output voltage. Factors such as a bent pulley, a defective rotor, or a loosened bolt can generate noise in the alternator.

Also, you’ll have to check for proper alliance in your pulleys, the wiring of the gauge cable. Burning or charring areas on the alternator are a sign of shorting and grounding. That sounds like a lot to watch out for, but the alternator is responsible for ensuring your battery charges.

Cars can run on a faulty alternator for a while, but you risk damaging your entire electrical system after some time. Yours could already be experiencing some minor faults, so have it checked now.

Distribution System

The distribution system has a lot to do with the wiring and harnessing of your car, so you’ll have to be wary of electrical shocks while checking this part. Bad wiring can lead to a host of problems such as loss of current or resistance.

While checking, you’ll want to see if there’s anything unusual about the fuse panel. You’ll be surprised how often cars that are bought on auction have the wrong fuses installed. The fusible links could also be a source of current loss if there’s room for any bypass. 


Electrical systems have a lot of accessories like sirens, lights, wipers, and radio. With accessories, things can get complicated pretty quickly. It’s best not to look into it if you don’t have the right set of tools or enough patience. But thankfully, some experts can help with that part.

Be careful who you hand your car over to, though. It’s always best to go with a service provider that specializes in mechanical repair as well. Just in case your car turns up with some concerns. If you’re in the vicinity of a right service provider like Black Label Automotive Nerang, then you’re in luck. 

Now that you’ve seen the checklist, you have an idea of what you or qualified technician should be looking for. Once you’re through, don’t be shy to take your freshly checked electrical system out for a spin with no worries.

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