Benefits of using an SSL certificate for WordPress Hosting

Benefits of using an SSL certificate for WordPress Hosting

SSL Certificate is called Digital Certificate and It creates a secure link between a website and a visitor’s browser. Basically, it shows how do you care about the privacy and integrity of the data of your users. SSL certificate is installed on a web server, it activates the lock and protocol https and allows a secure connection to a web server.

WordPress is the best way to create your website, but you need to find the best WordPress hosting for your website before you can even start with themes, plug-ins, and security.

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Why SSL is important WordPress website?

If you own a blog or personal website, you need an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate protects sensitive information of your customer’s name, address, passwords or credit card number, data transfer, logins and securing browsing of social media sites. Because of WordPress is used largely that supports and keeps the internet well balanced and

make available for all with user-friendly. Moreover, WordPress hosting offers a number of plugins and extensions that can be used to extend the performance of a website.

Benefits of using an SSL certificate for WordPress hosting

Our security experts search constantly for WordPress related vulnerabilities. Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate included in your contract helps keep the data securely encrypted whenever it is transmitted between you and visitors to your web.

SSL Certificate protects data

SSL certificate- Its main duties are to secure server-client communication. On installing an SSL certificate, each portion of the information is encrypted. The data is locked and it can be only unlocked by the recipient, as no else can Decryption it.

While dealing with sensitive data, the SSL certificate protects you against the malicious army of hackers.

SSL Certificate affirms your identity

A second primary task of an SSL certificate is to provide authentication to your website. Identity verification is also more important viewpoints as far as website security is concerned. There is no doubt the more fake identity that is increasing on the internet is unreliable.

Because in 2011 a guy traveled 600 km to meet a girl that he had met her on Facebook, only to know that he was being duped by a guy who supported a rival cricket club.

Nevertheless, not all the stories are funny and some have lost thousands of dollars on fake identity on the website. This is why SSL certificate plays an important role.

Growth in Search Engine Ranking

Another main thing is to secure your website with an SSL certificate, a website that has an SSL certificate will have more advantages when compared to another website that is not secure and encrypted, the other provided search engine remains the same.

The exact impact of the SSL certificate on a website SEO rankings can be difficult. For example, when it is compared with another website benefit of having 1,500+ backlinks is significantly more than the downside of not having an encrypted secure connection (an SSL certificate).

Hence, website owners should know that having an SSL certificate won’t just magically move your website to the top of the search engine results page.

SSL certificates help you to satisfy PCI/DSS requirements

If you allow accepting online payments, you must be knowing two things PCI/DSS

requirements. To receive payments online, your website must contain PCI compliant. According to the Payment Card Industry (PCI), there are 12 requirements which as to be followed and installing an SSL certificate is one amongst them.

SSL certificate improves customers trust

To trust your website SSL certificate remains important from a customer’s point of belief. They easily identify signs that notify the users that the data they send will be secured.

And if you have installed an OV or EV SSL, and then they can see your organization’s details. Once they come to know that you are an authorized entity, they are greatly like to do more business with you or even revisit your website.


The above information will help the website if they face any security issues or misleads from hackers. Using an SSL certificate gives you benefits of search engine friendly, safer cart conversions. Applying SSL with WordPress security practices can save your WordPress website from being hacked.

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