How to Enjoy the Sporting Events of 2020 when you’re on a Budget

How to Enjoy the Sporting Events of 2020 when you’re on a Budget

It’s fair to say 2020 is shaping up to be quite a year for sports fans across the globe. With the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, football’s Euro 2020, the Ryder Cup and of course the annual events of Wimbledon, the London Marathon, and the Grand National there’s plenty of sporting events to choose from.

But how can you enjoy them all when you’re trying to manage your finances? 

Buy online

Avoid paying a premium for tickets by checking online auctions that re-sell tickets, but make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller. Many sports teams sell tickets for a premium price through their direct website, however, lots of football teams have a variety of membership options that offer cheaper tickets.

Perfect if you’re a regular and want to save money over the season.

Sit in the upper tiers

Whether you’re watching football, rugby or boxing, one thing is for certain: the higher you sit, the cheaper the tickets. Whilst you may not be face-to-face with all the action, you’ll still get swept up in the atmosphere, not to mention the big screens often show far more than you could actually see if you were seated lower down.

Pre-book travel

If you’ve already secured the tickets to your sporting event, the earlier you start making your travel arrangements, the better. Whether you book advance train tickets, pre-book your car parking, or secure a low-cost flight to Europe to watch England in the semis (maybe!), the earlier you do it, the more you’ll save.

Save whilst you’re there

It can be easy to get swept up in the heat of the moment at a great sporting event – and be swayed to buy ALL the merchandise, but be realistic. When you’re on a budget it’s important to only make necessary purchases. Will you ever wear that foam finger again? Do you really need to buy the match programme? 

In addition, food is often expensive in venues, so where possible, eat before you get there, and if you’re allowed, take in your own drinks and snacks – but always check the venue’s rules to make sure you can take your own refreshments in. 

Go to the pub

If in doubt, grab your mates and head to your local. The atmosphere is often electric when large sporting events are shown in pubs. If the weather’s nice, find a pub that has a big screen outside so you can sit in the sunshine too – and try and take cash. Once it’s gone you won’t be able to spend any more money – unless you’ve got kind friends! 

If you have a burning desire to see your team in the flesh this year, and you’ve considered all the finance options available to you – perhaps it’s a once in a lifetime event (like England in a football final?!), or you have a family member who’s an Olympian; there are some times where “sport is one the basic joys of life”, and should be enjoyed.

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