Great Design Tips to Improve Your Visual Content

Great Design Tips to Improve Your Visual Content

It’s no secret that a stunning visual design will impress your website visitors. However, there’s a lot of thought that goes into the visual content of a website to make sure that everything looks great and is easy to navigate for the user. And it’s not all about how pretty it looks.

Here are some great design tips you can use to improve your visual content and make your website work wonders for your business.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience With Too Many Options

Hick’s Law states that the more options you offer someone, the longer it’s going to take them to decide. If you overwhelm your audience with too many options in your visual design, you’re going to increase your risk of losing a conversion or a purchase altogether.

This can apply to every aspect of your design, from too many social icons and form fields to adding too many topics and clickable buttons on one page.

Many marketers will tell you that the best call to actions are those that clearly indicate what you want your audience to go. The same idea goes for your visual design, as it works together to guide those audience members through your site and along the marketing funnel.

Use a Visual Hierarchy to Guide Your Users Through Your Site 

There’s a reason that most websites include larger fonts for titles, less large fonts for headers, small fonts for text, and even smaller fonts for the footer and sidebars. This is done on purpose to guide the user through the website and gently push them in the right direction.

Not only that, but using a visual hierarchy makes your website easier for people to read, which ultimately keeps them on the page for longer. 

To be realistic, the majority of people who land on your site aren’t going to read the entire page. With a visual hierarchy in place, they can skim through and find the exact information they’re looking for in an easily absorbable way.

Don’t Be Afraid of White Space

When it comes to your website, a simplistic design is often a more powerful and effective design than a complex, detailed piece of art. In a Google study on visual complexity, results indicated that visitors were actually less attracted to websites with complex visual designs, and basic websites were considered more beautiful.

White space is the name given to the negative space that surrounds the elements on your page, such as between text, around images, between page breaks, and more. It can help make your page easier for viewers to read and absorb because it helps decrease the amount of visual clutter on the page.

It also gives your page a nice clean, organized, sophisticated look that will leave a lasting impression and make your design elements stand out.

Stop Wasting Time on Carousel Sliders

Large carousel sliders are a common visual aspect that you see in tons of websites across the Internet. A lot of business owners think that because these sliders are popular, they should be included as a focal point of any home page.

This may have been true a few years ago, but the truth is they aren’t as effective as you would think.

Here’s the truth: only 1% of people actually click on sliders.

If that isn’t enough, here are some more downfalls sliders can have:

  • They can become too distracting to your audience as there are too many places to focus (refer back to Hick’s Law)
  • Multiple images can slow down your website’s load time
  • They don’t always render properly on mobile devices
  • Sliders contribute nothing to your SEO strategy 

It’s time to get innovative and stop relying on tactics that don’t add any value to your site’s visual design. With the right stuff, you’ll be able to make a lasting impression that will keep people coming back for more.

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