Benefits of Technology in Logistics Management

Benefits of Technology in Logistics Management

Logistic management is a means whereby the needs of customers are satisfied through the amalgamation and synchronization of all the activities performed within a supply chain. However, to manage these diverse elements, you need a combination of technology and a powerful strategy that can transform the challenges involved in Logistics into multiple opportunities. 

It is only recently that companies have started giving importance to logistics management. Today businesses are open to endorse technology for managing logistics, to make the entire process fast, cheap, useful, and reliable.

While we agree that logistics management is a complex task where a minor disruption in any one process can create havoc for the entire supply chain, however, we also agree that the adoption of innovative logistics technology can transform the logistics industry and prove to be a game-changer for any company.

Common challenges like fleet management, loss prevention, security & surveillance, and timely delivery of orders can be handled easily with the help of technology.

Undoubtedly the emergence of innovative technologies is opening new opportunities for the organizations to make their supply chain management process more robust and effective. However, it is essential to identify the right kind of technology that would be applicable for your overall business infrastructure. 

Let’s see some of the most popular uses of technology that can boost your logistics management process.

  • Bar code scanning 

Bar code scanning is a popular method used in the retail industry; it involves the scanning od products to gather details about them. In the field of inventory management, barcode scanning can be a life-saver. 

  • You can attach a bar code to every product available in the warehouse. While processing customer orders the bar codes will help in identifying the items as per their date of entry in the warehouse. 
  • The bar code scanning process can Intensify the productivity of the entire manufacturing unit by properly streamlining the flow of raw materials or semi-finished goods required to produce finished products.
  • At the distribution stage, the barcode can help the logistics managers in identifying and tracking the flow of finished goods from the point of storage to the point of sale.

Bar code scanner is an innovative technique, and the best part is that some vendors can enable you to use this feature by using both android and iOS Barcode Scanner mobile application that uses the iPhone camera to scan products in the warehouse.

  • GPS mapping software

The most important element of logistics is transportation. The GPS mapping software can make the life of your drivers easy, as they can receive real-time updates on traffic situations, road conditions, best routes, and travel time.

Using this software, drivers can plan their journey and ensure that the consignment reaches on time, without any damage.

  • Logistics Management Mobile Application

Remote working is the most important requirement for any business environment. The mobile app can facilitate the logistics managers to update data and get notifications in real-time.

The biggest advantage of the logistics management app is that it removes all geographical barriers, thus bringing greater transparency within the logistics process. 

  • Electronic Data Interchange

EDI technology is considered as a boon for the communication industry. It facilitates the real-time transfer of business documents from one computer to another computer. EDI eliminates the use of paper and allows companies to electronically send cheques, invoices, and challans from one organization to another. 

The Bottom Line:

Technology drives change, it simplifies processes, and it reduces human effort. In the field of logistics, technology enhances supply chain performance and improves the overall productivity of the business unit, giving them a competitive edge.

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