What causes Water Pollution?

What causes Water Pollution

Water is quite vulnerable to pollution since it is a solvent and can easily dissolve many more substances than the earth’s other liquids. The problem is that water is very easy to be polluted. There are countless substances that can come from towns, factories and farms. They will easily dissolve and then mix with water, causing pollution. 

It is really important to be aware of why water pollution appears in the first place. Talk with plumbers like at Fix-It Right Plumbing and get help whenever you believe your water is polluted.

Also, be aware of the following water pollution causes. 

Groundwater Pollution

As rain falls and then seeps into earth, it turns into groundwater. It is not visible for most people but it is a very important natural resource. Around 40% of people in the US rely on it, usually pumped, to get their drinking water. In some of the rural areas it is actually the only available freshwater source. 

When groundwater is polluted, it happens due to contaminants, like fertilizers and pesticides that enter the earth. The big problem is that once groundwater is contaminated, it is really difficult to remove it. It is also quite a costly affair. Contamination can be spread from groundwater as it reaches oceans, lakes and streams. 

Surface Water Pollution

Surface water covers around 70% of the surface of the earth. This is what fills lakes, rivers, oceans and everything else you see. The surface water coming from freshwater sources brings in around 60% of the freshwater that US homes have. Unfortunately, many of these natural surface water sources are getting polluted. 

When thinking about water pollution, this is most likely what first comes to mind. Industrial and municipal waste discharges add to the toxins that reach surface water, making matters a lot worse. 

Ocean Water Pollution

It is sad to see that around 80% of ocean water pollution has its origins on land. Contaminants like nutrients, heavy metals and chemicals come from factories, cities and farms. Marine debris like plastic ends up blown by the effect of wind and then washed down via sewers and drains.

Also, oceans absorb around 25% of all the carbon emissions that are caused by men.

Point Source Pollution

If the contamination happens at one source, we have point source water pollution. This includes wastewater that is illegally or legally discharged by wastewater treatment facilities, oil refineries, manufacturers and more.

It also includes contamination that comes from septic systems that are leaking, illegal dumping, oil slips and chemical slips. Point source pollution is regulated by the EPA. 

Nonpoint Source Pollution

This is contamination that comes from various sources. They can include storm-water runoff, agricultural runoff or debris that enters waterways from the land. This is the leading US water pollution cause.

However, it is very tough to regulate because there is no identifiable, single culprit. 

Transboundary Pollution

It is impossible to contain water pollution by drawing a line on your map. When we say transboundary pollution, we refer to contaminated water that comes from a country and then spills into another country.

This can come from different situations, like a natural or chemical disaster. Even municipal discharge can lead to transboundary water pollution.

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    are the most polluted rivers in India but our governments ignore they don’t take strict action for the Industries that were the biggest problem in India and I don’t think our gov. will solve this problem.

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    The most important resource is being polluted by humans the only reason behind this pollution is “irresponsibility of dumping waste” we should care about our nature.
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    When we heard of water pollution, we only tend to think about oil tankers, petroleum factory, chemical waste from factories dumping at seas, river, and water bodies.

    Although these are all obvious source of water pollution with harmful effects but we human being pollute water in our day to day living, example like throwing plastic materials, expired chemical bottles,etc. in water bodies, river, and sea.

    Water pollution is a serious issue and every human being should be aware of it and should promote this awareness in an efficient way.

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