Made In Britain – What Are We Really Talking About?

Made In Britain - What Are We Really Talking About

The world in this day and age is much smaller than it used to be- what used to once seem impossible is today a daily reality. Businesses, both large and small, are now selling their products overseas. A product made in a country far away is custom-made and delivered to your doorstep. We wear clothes made in China, eat produce from Denmark and drive cars manufactured in Germany.

We represent a global marketplace and we’re all magically part of this globally-connected trade network. 

Quintessentially British 

What makes a product British? A ‘Made In Britain’ label? Research suggests that a ‘Made in Britain’ label has a better chance of selling as compared to its competitor products – British sensibilities herald in consumers a sense of trust, ensures quality and thereby makes buyers more likely to purchase the product. This quintessentially British label can be found attached to items ranging from furniture to chocolates; the British name can herald in crowds a feeling that’s prized worldwide. 

What does this tag represent? It’s said that most people associate the ‘Made in Britain’ label with supreme quality, style and heritage. 

The brand that crowds believed was quintessentially British, without a speck of doubt was Cadbury- a firm Brit favourite. This was narrowly followed by M&S and the luxury fashion brand Burberry. 

We believe that the BBC and British Herald are news channels of true British sensibilities on TV and online respectively. 

Rekindling A British Brand Love Affair Post Brexit 

Of late, since the decision of Brexit came around, all British brands are being constantly bombarded about their identity. Is the exit from the EU for brands which are British heralding an identity crisis? Instead of looking at the entire situation in such negative light and getting unduly worried, this may actually be ushering in “new opportunities” that British brands can unlock here on forth. 

There have been numerous political, economic and cultural ramifications of the Brexit decision in general, shaking down people’s associations of the ‘Made In Britain’ label are not necessary, in fact, the Brexit decision may actually improve the brand value. 

British Sensibilities Herald An All-New Trust To The World As We Know It

British brands carrying the ‘Made in Britain’ label are perfect for the discerning customer. Brands are now pushing their value and reiterating their roots as a marketing angle. The shift from the unilateral marketing approach to one that highlights its UK manufacturing is one that has shown to promote its value. 

Checkout the November Edition for British Herald Magazine.

This is more than a question of patriotism to our British roots. British brands are renowned worldwide for their heritage or quality.

There are several British brands that are also foreign-owned- this is also a representation of what makes our community uniquely ours- it’s a melting pot of cultures and heritage, but relates as truly British.

For instance, Harrods is a brand that’s as English as it gets- yet it is owned by Qatar Holdings since 2010, before which it was owned by the Egyptian Fayed brothers.

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