Comparium – Test your Website for Cross Browser

Comparium - Test your Website for Cross Browser

There are around 1.5 billion websites in the world today, and if I say that the world is going online, it wouldn’t be wrong, nor would it be a surprise to anyone. Although shifting online now has become a thing, and most people are onto it. I, on a personal level had a lot of doubts, not on shifting online, but how a shift online result in.

Meaning, whether everyone will have easy access to it, will I be able to boost my SEO, will it be trouble free, what would be the conversion rates and overall site performance? All in all, I was really bothered regarding my blog. 

But the to my fortune, I came across a tool, or you can call it an application, which solved all my doubts and problems, made my experience worthwhile, and stood way above my expectations. The app I am talking about is Comparium. 

Comparium’s primary function is to perform web tests.

Not just Web tests, but automated web tests. You see, web testing is important could range from something as basic as making your website work, to encryption and security purposes like to make sure your website is secure.

It involves all the reasons which bothered me like SEO and site performance.

Web tests is no more a hassle with Comparium!

Previously, web tests used to run manually, which wasn’t systematic, or effective. But with advancement in technology, tools like Comparium helped individuals like me perform web tests automatically. It basically is software testing, run scripts and programs to test individual modules to test individual modules using repetitive action.

In fact, in our tenure with working with Comparium, (which is still going on) we saw that, the program runs scripts which checks all the components of the program and evaluates it. 

By now, you must have seen that running web tests should be in your priority. They are important, and that is why after we worked with Comparium we highly recommend. Although it’s primary functionality is to run web tests, what makes it stand apart from the rest are its features.

Later in the article, you will see we have briefed you about them. But for now, we have rounded up a list of their versions which they come with.

Version 1.0:

Free for all the users, the idea one should have behind using this version would be use this to test your application, and then update according to your needs. Also, to your knowledge, this caters all the platforms and browsers at once, and since it is free and does so, has a huge user base. 

Version 2.0:

With this version, you get to support different browser versions, and it comes with the ability to redo the screenshot in just one click. They also have built in personal user accounts, which is great for long relationships. There is also manual and automated screen comparisons, and support for Apple Retina Website versions.

Version 2.5:

Conduct tests on real mobile devices, screenshot sharing and screenshot markups and captions, also test bulk URLs at once, and click screenshots from different location using proxies, and also test scheduling and click screenshots at custom times of the day. You must have understood that this version of Comparium is blessed with features.

Version 3.0:

Since this is the latest version, you can expect this to be more feature full and advanced than ever before. Real time web testing and support for selenium scripts is our favorite among the bunch of the amazing features. They vary from auto detection of the localized versions of web pages, to integration with team managers and bug reporters. Like we said, we here found this version to be stronger than ever.

The next thing we as users learnt while using Comparium was, what makes it so special, a class apart, and made our tenure so meaningful, helpful, and useful were its features. Below, we have discussed in brief what makes their features so special.

Customer comes first

Writing and updating blogs being my profession, the need for a really customer oriented and detail-oriented software was what I was looking for. I personally am not versed with tech, and need things to be really simplified, but at the same time really detailed.

No doubt Comparium was my best bet. Plus, the quality assurance or widely called as QA in the software world is exceptional. 

Supports almost every platform and browser

It supported all the platforms and browsers which I needed with my blog. Windows: Chrome 71, 75; Firefox 61, 68; Opera 57, 58; IE 10, 11, macOS (with and without Dark Mode): Chrome 71, 77; Firefox 61, 68; Opera 57, 58 and Safari 12.0, Linux: Chrome 71, 75; Firefox 61, 68; Opera 60, 62, to name them. 

Superb Database

Comparium is one of those tools, which not only understands, but also adjusts to its user’s needs, and problems. So that is why their database is really supportive and can even work offline. Also, when you work with Comparium, you will see that their database is really easy to work with.

It’s not that Comparium is a magical app or tool, which will solve all your problems, but what makes it a must in my blog is, their hard work, dedication and want to be a class apart.

Nisha Pandey

Nisha Pandey

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She is the founder of She is fun loving person and love to share about SEO, blogging, social media and latest technology tips.


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