When to consider Promotional Bags for your Business

When to consider Promotional Bags for your Business

For years, many companies have used promotional products such as branded bags as part of an affordable and effective marketing strategy. From start-ups to both small and large companies, the use of promotional bags has been preferred for marketing.

According to a recent survey in the US, 8 out of 10 people possess at least one promotional product. 6 out of 10 of them use these products for a minimum of 2 years. 85% of the people that have received a promotional product do business with the brand advertised.

About 89% of customers remember the brand advertised for at least two years after the receipt of a promotional product. At least one promotional bag is owned by 35% of consumers in the US.

In this post, we will focus on when you need to start considering using promotional bags for your business.


Digital advertisements are a huge challenge for many small-scale businesses. The worst part is that these ads often need continued subscriptions to keep running. However, these businesses can achieve their marketing desires by using affordable promotional bags.

The best part is that there are affordable variants of promotional bags for every business scale. Most promotional product manufacturers make sure that their prices are affordable in terms of mass supply and distribution. The low prices of these bags have nothing to do with how effective they are.

According to the statistics above, the returns on investment from promotional products like bags are outstanding. This means that you can get almost the same results as digital ads without having to break the bank. Click here to get amazing promotional bags.


Brand recognition means that people can identify the services or products offered by your company just by seeing the logo. There are many reputable brands around the world with impressive brand recognition.

Consumers will remember your brand better if you give them promotional products like bags. According to the figures above, most consumers can recall the advertised brand after the receipt of promotional products. These promotional bags will remain in people’s cars, offices, or homes, keeping your business info in their minds as often as they see them.

In some cases, some people hang on to promotional bags for an average of six months. Your business gift (in this case promotional bags) will help them recall what your brand offers as soon as they see your logo.


We often get to stare at billboards and TV ads for only a few seconds. However, promotional bags are constantly before our eyes. For instance, if your promotional bag is fashionable, consumers will take it with them everywhere they go.

This makes them the perfect way to give your business greater exposure. Look at it this way; you can convert your customers into a mobile billboard by giving them promotional bags.

Promotional bags often serve two roles. The first is that consumers will feel appreciated and know that you are thinking about them and the second is that they will take your brand everywhere they go.

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