How your Career can Affect your Health

How Your Career Can Affect Your Health

Although you might believe that achieving your dream job can only have a positive impact on your health, your career can have a large negative effect on your mind and body, with many career paths taking an extreme emotional and physical toll on individuals.

This guide will explain the many ways that your job may be affecting your health and happiness and what you can do to reduce its impact on your life. 


Workplace stress is one of the major ways in which careers impact on the health of individuals. Now that many career-minded people are starting to work overtime and complete work online or on their mobile after hours, there has been an increase in work-related insomnia and other physical symptoms of stress due to the inability to find the correct amount of work/life balance.

If stress is putting a strain on your lifestyle, you should consider speaking to a doctor or GP who can help you to find the correct solution, such as talking therapies, medication, self-led courses, or alternative solutions such as meditation, yoga, or exercise

Workplace Injuries 

Whether you are working in an office or within a factory, there is always the potential for injuries in your place of work, from the possibility of slipping on a wet floor to inhaling toxic fumes.

Although employers should provide detailed health and safety training, injuries still occur on a regular basis. The most common injuries include repetitive stress injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome, slip and fall incidents which can cause broken limbs, and back injuries from heavy lifting.

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One of the large issues that can impact your health is inactivity, with many modern jobs now focused around an office or desk. This can cause issues such as neck strain, back and headaches, and computer strain related issues with eyesight. Inactive people may also become lethargic and their mental capacity may start to lower. 

If you have an inactive job, you should consider requesting a standing desk which you can move to ensure that you are not sitting for long periods of time, ensure that you take regular breaks where you commit to exercising, even if this is just a walk around the office, and you should check that your office layout is suited to your needs, such as making sure the screen is tilted correctly.

Not only this, but office culture can also create poor shift patterns that stop you from eating healthily or from getting the right amount of sleep. 

Office Culture

The culture and environment of an office can have the greatest impact on mental health, with there being a large number of incidents involving bullying, discrimination and harassment each year. Additionally, the strain of office competition can also have a negative impact on your mental health.

If you are having issues, you should always discuss these with a manager or someone with authority.

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