How To Secure Your Garage Door

How To Secure Your Garage Door

For most of us, garages are more than just a parking space for our cars. It’s also where we store tools and other keepsakes that we’re too nostalgic to throw away. It has become, by default, an extension of our house.

As such, it is necessary for us to be more vigilant and secure our garage door. Sure, you might think that your garage door gives you peace of mind. After all, yours is likely made out of sturdy aluminum material. Or you might have even splurged on a durable steel option.

Unfortunately, the make of your garage door isn’t the issue here. More often than not, it is its mechanism and the quality of your garage door security locks.

An unsecured or outdated door is often an invitation for prowlers to target your house.  All too often we’ve heard of thieves breaking into a house through the garage. So, believe us when we say that your safety and security are on the line.

What then can you do to protect your home, your belongings, and your family? We’ve listed some tried-and-tested ways for you to secure your garage door.

Safety is this way–keep on reading.

  1. Give your automatic lock an upgrade

Automatic garage door locks have an added benefit of convenience and security. They can easily secure the perimeter with just a click of a button.

But just as you have become tech-savvy, so too have thieves and prowlers. What then can you do? You can opt for a wireless keypad. The idea is for you to key in a code before you can enter your garage.

The result: an added level of security.

Of course, this upgrade won’t be enough if you are operating with faulty garage door locks in the first place. Whether it’s a cable or latch issue, don’t delay.

Call the experts for a professional garage door lock repair (or upgrade) right away. 

  1. Install a garage door slide lock.

Alternatively, you may be a fan of old school locks. Instead of using an automatic one, you’d rather use a manual latch.

First of all, kudos to you. Not only is this more difficult to break into, but it’s also a more eco-friendly option.

But the good news is that, even with an automatic lock mechanism, you can also install a garage door slide lock. This will give your garage an added layer of security.

With a garage door lock bar, you can simply slide a physical barrier into place. Even if your tech-heavy lock gets breached, you’d still have this.

  1. Add a lock to the door leading to your house.

Don’t be complacent now.  Do you have top-of-the-line garage locks? Good. Have you recently had a garage door repair? Great. But this doesn’t mean that you can assume that all will be secure.

Security comes in many layers. You have your automatic lock and your manual latch–what’s the missing piece? Our suggestion: don’t forget your entry door too.

What do you need a door lock to the entry point to your house from the garage for? Well, this might just be the thing that keeps you, your belongings, and your loved ones safe.

Someone might have broken into your garage, but at least they won’t be able to enter your home uninvited.

  1. Add more light.

It’s simple–light deters robbers. They prefer to work in the dark, after all. With more lights, you can easily discourage these nightcrawlers from breaking in. 

This is where motion sensor lights come in handy. These should be able to detect movement and instantly light up your garage, and wherever else you have installed the lights. 

You can install these motion sensor lights yourself or have the professionals handle it for you. Not only is this an added layer of security, but you’ll save on electricity too.

  1. Be more mindful of your garage door remote.

It happens–you’ve entered your house and you’re ready to turn in for the night. You suddenly remember that you left your garage remote in the car. What do you do?

And the more important question is: Does this happen to you often? If it does, it’s time to break the habit of forgetfulness and be more responsible. Burglars, especially professional ones, are crafty after all. They will often stalk you and memorize your habits first.

By leaving your garage remote in your car, they consider this as an invitation to strike.

Helpful tip: use a smaller remote so you can keep it with you always. Even better if you can bunch it in with the rest of your keys.

That’s the list for now. Remember: your constant vigilance will pay off in the end. You can sleep more soundly by enforcing all possible ways of securing your garage door.

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