5 Smart Tips for a Modern Student

5 Smart Tips for a Modern Student

Improving your grades is a matter of motivation, dedication, and commitment. The grading system measures your capacity as a student to assess whether you can pass and go onto the next level. If you start building up your grades as early as now, it will most likely help you in your future career.

Every student has their way to study in their comfort zone. They also need to learn time management and be resourceful enough to boost their academic credentials.

Aside from these perspectives and principles, a student must learn these 5 tips to make the learning interactive and smart.

1. Using Various Memory Retention Techniques

Memory is the asset of a student in school. To keep pace with the school lessons, you should be able to understand the topic as well as keep it in mind.

However, there are times wherein you find it difficult to recall every topic. As a solution, you may use various techniques for memory retention.

Here are the best techniques to use for remembering lessons:

  • Highlight the Important Notes in Your Textbook
  • Summarize Your Topic for You to Remember Easily
  • Use the Art of Mnemonics
  • Imagine Yourself Talking to the Crowd While Reviewing
  • Perform any Physical or Mental Activities first before Reviewing
  • Turn on the Music and Start Studying Lessons

Some of these techniques may or may not apply to your situation. Just pick the best trick that works perfectly for you.

2. Keeping Your Memory Sharp

Memorization is a skill developed through constant practice and exercise. Your brain needs a total concentration to keep the lessons in mind. To do this, you should prepare yourself with the various subjects and keep your mental health in its best condition.

To make this happen, here are the following things to sharpen your memory:

  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
  • Eat Food Enriched with Vitamin B Complex
  • Take Memory Enhancing Vitamins
  • Perform Physical Exercises

These activities will help you stay focused and alert during your study sessions. You will be able to absorb the lesson fast and remember them for a long time.

3. Take a Break and Rest

An 8-hour sleep is essential to refresh your mind with the accumulated stress and tiredness during the day. You may also take afternoon naps to power up your body and mind. If you are studying, a 15-minute break is advisable to do. Let’s say after your 2 hours review, take a 15 to 20-minute break to clear up your mind and rest your eyes.

The brain can absorb massive information, but you might forget some of it if you feel over fatigue. You cannot perfectly memorize everything since our brain has its limits in storing information. To work this thing out, you should have a complete rest first. In this way, your mind and body will be in good condition.

4. Use Semiotics and Symbolism

Symbols are the easiest way to describe some words or phrases. For example, we often use the triangle shape, which refers to change. You may use different symbols, and signs that could help you easily remember the topics and lessons. 

Thanks to the great founders of the symbols and signs namely John Locke, Charles Peirce, and Ferdinand de Saussure. Because of their principles, they have introduced a mental mechanism to easily remember things fast and store the information for a long time. 

5. Prioritizing Your Tasks

There are times that we feel helpless with our school projects. The timing of the exams, recitations, and assignments makes the world go round. What will do you if this situation happens to you? First, learn to prioritize school tasks. Determine their deadlines, difficulty, and importance.

We suggest that you should finish the easiest first so that you can be able to complete the tasks one at a time. In that way, you are not confused about which subject to concentrate on. Every time you finished certain school work, it will make you feel relieved and fulfilled. The bottom line is, you should learn how to study smart than to study hard. Make sense, right?

6. Ask Help from the Experts

When your schedule is loaded with schoolwork, you need to ask help from the others. If you are having difficulty in reviewing topics, you may ask your parents, siblings, or study buddies to help you memorize and analyze.

When it comes to projects with illustrations and drawings, you may ask a graphic artist or a painter for help. Let’s say, you need to finish all your paperwork, you may hire writing services online then pay for essay, thesis, academic papers, or assignments. In this way, you can able to manage your time wisely and proficiently.

Asking someone to do the school work for you, is not cheating or making you a lazy person. It is a way for you to manage your school task properly. Just make sure that you will review the paperwork before submitting it.

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