Situations in Which A GPS Tracker Can Come to Rescue

Situations in Which A GPS Tracker Can Come to Rescue

Creating a safe environment for our women and children is the only way to save our families from every kind of harassment. While women can understand the danger, children cannot; therefore, it becomes our duty to protect them all from perils.

As a part of society, it is our responsibility to make the environment safer for our women and children where they work, travel, and enjoy freedom.

When women are safer in society, they participate more in social and economic development from their homes to the country.”

We don’t need to look at the statistics to know the reality of women safety in our surroundings. The truth is right in front, which we cannot ignore.

While big corporates are taking measures by leveraging technology to increase women safety, individuals can do their part as well. There are many devices, like GPS trackers, available in the Indian market, ensuring women safety, especially if women and teenagers commute in chauffeur driven cars or use private cabs regularly. GPS trackers in India are quickly gaining momentum. 

Whether your wife or daughter commutes in a chauffeur-driven car or your teenagers have got the license to drive, you can keep an eye on them to ensure their safety.

Here’s how:

Late-night drive

In this modern era, where women are uplifting their lifestyle independently, it I equally important for them to be safe and secure. Whether it is a chauffeur-driven car or a private cab, equipping it with best GPS tracker in India will ensure that they stay away from harm’s way.

In this modern era, women are uplifting their lifestyle independently; it is equally essential for us to provide them a safer environment. Whether they use a chauffeur-driven car or a private cab, with the GPS device installed in it, it becomes easier to make sure their safety with the location tracking feature. 

Keeping an eye on chauffeur

While you at work or at a salon, your chauffeur could be taking advantage of your vehicle. They could either be ferrying passengers or sitting in the car with AC on or even smoking in it.

You need a device that has some parameters which can be calibrated according to the requirements. With the equipment installed in the cars, you can make sure chauffeurs do not misuse it in your absence.

Get a gadget that gives real-time alerts if any of the parameters are breached, such as keeping the engine and AC running for long, or over-speeding.

Safeguarding our new teenage drivers

Many teenagers receive a license as soon as they reach the eligible age of 18. If your teenager is one of them, installing GPS tracker in your car will be the most efficient way to ensure security.

However, get one that offers a live streaming feature and is always letting you know about their whereabouts and if they reach their destination safe and sound.

Securing our school-going children

Many children today are being chauffeur-driven to the school as parents hustle harder. New generation technological devices with GPS trackers will help us make sure they go or reach home unscathed. 

Get something that has a dual-camera live-streaming feature that lets you look at the surroundings where your children are located to give them a sense of security. If at any given time, there is a loud noise coming from inside of the car, you will receive an alert immediately.

Securing our hardworking women

The number of working women in the corporates have drastically increased over the years. They are going out, taking up meetings, meeting deadlines, working late at night, and harder every day. While on an individual basis, she is safeguarding herself, corporates can also step-in and ensure their women reach safely at their destinations.

A GPS tracking device or a dashcam can be of great help in such cases. If our women have such a sense of security at their workplace and while traveling, they will be empowered more.

People and Innovation Always Go Together

Many technological innovations are happening every day, especially in the apps and devices segment. One such device which stands out amongst them and meets all our requirements is KENT CamEye. It is a next-gen device using the latest technologies of its field.

While the gadget comes with a dual-camera set-up, it is as easy to install as plug-and-play devices. The device has a smart face recognition feature which lets you know who is driving your car and alerts if a new face sits in the driving seat.

If you are suspicious of the activities happening inside the car or in its surroundings, you can make use of its two-way calling feature. There are several other features such as cloud storage and playback, robust battery backup, audio/video recording, and more. 

KENT CamEye is available online on Amazon to buy. The device is efficiently ‘made in India’ and available for home demo also. Run it from anywhere around the globe and secure your loved ones.

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