Why Email Marketing is still Super Effective

Why Email Marketing is still Super Effective

Since the very beginning of the internet, there can be no doubt that email marketing has completely changed our lives, so much so, that it would be impossible to imagine our daily lives without our beloved inbox.  In fact, after being around in mainstream business for decades, email marketing still remains one of the most cost-effective means of direct marketing.  

So why has email marketing remained so viable and popular for so long?  The answer is simple – it’s quick, affordable and easy. Email marketing many has other benefits, especially if managed correctly and business remembers to adhere to the email privacy laws, email marketing looks set to remain super effective for the foreseeable future.

To make sure your email marketing campaigns are a success and do not become an irritation to your target audience, it’s vital to understand the Protection of Personal Information Act and more importantly avoid the dreaded ‘spam’ folder.

The amount of daily emails landing up in our inbox is increasing and according to recent statistics this number isn’t likely to decrease any time soon.  We know that spam filters search for flagged words but it’s getting increasingly more difficult for your mail to make it into someone’s inbox.  

It’s for these reasons that it’s extremely worthwhile to complete a digital marketing course to learn all the finer details of creating and executing a successful email marketing campaign.

How to make your email campaign stand out

Because email marketing is still super effective, organisations are constantly looking to create the most eye-catching emails, from its subject line to eye-catching content – competition is fierce.  Email marketing is a vital element to your overall digital marketing campaign and there can be no room for sloppy design, uninteresting content and above all – a boring subject line.

There are definite considerations that must be a part of your email marketing campaign, right from conception, to newsletters, to discount offers. As a barrage of emails are a daily occurrence for nearly all of us, when it comes to creating your own email marketing campaign, it’s vitally important to keep the following points firmly in mind.

  • Subject line

The subject line you choose could make or break your email campaign. It’s that simple.  Not only does it have to be intriguing but it also has to be short and to the point. Never underestimate the importance of a clever, intriguing subject line.

  • Minimalistic approach

Less is more most definitely applies to email marketing. Modern society are always connected to their smart device and spend many hours a day online.  So, it makes sense that when it comes to your email campaign – keep it simple and easy to read. This applies to the design of your mail too. 

  • Opening statement

Make sure your opening paragraph in your email body content makes a statement. Whether it’s a question or a fact, the beginning or your email body must keep the reader’s attention.  You may have avoided the ‘spam’ folder but the next hurdle to overcome is making sure your mail stays open and gets read.

  • Call to action button

The last thing you want is for your email recipient to simply close the email and move on to the next in line in their inbox. A call-to-action button is an absolute must as it discreetly directs your reader where to go without much effort from them.  

  • Instil urgency

Don’t be over dramatic but do try to create a sense of urgency for your reader to click on your call-to-action button.

  • Solve a problem

Offer a solution to your email reader. Coax your audience to carry on reading by offering to solve a problem for them. Remember to first establish what it is your target audience is looking for before offering a solution.

Where to from here for email marketing

With the addition of the many social media marketing tools available nowadays, and the addition of stricter privacy laws, it would make sense that email marketing could be less popular.  However, this is not the case as thousands of businesses continue to deliver effective email marketing campaigns which are highly successful. 

When executed correctly, email marketing still has the power to promote lead generation, influence purchase decisions and boost brand awareness. Besides these many added bonuses, email marketing remains invaluable in cultivating that personal one-on-one customer relationship.

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