How to Choose a Fast VPN Service?

How to Choose a Fast VPN Service

VPN services provide very high level of protection against a wide range of factors. You can browse the web or torrent without any potential risk of being tracked by your ISP, authorities, or any hackers. However, not all VPN applications are made equal.

They vary from one company to another in terms of speed. In fact, the same company can offer different types of  VPN services which are optimized for different purposes and offer different levels of speed.

So what makes the fastest vpn service and how to assess your needs.

VPN Speeds Based on Metrics

The speed of a VPN service can make or break your experience whether you are streaming videos, torrenting, sharing files, or browsing the web. A slow VPN can make it difficult for you to carry out the tasks at the desired speeds. 

  • Start by considering the speed metrics important for your tasks
  • The important metrics include download, ping time, and upload speeds
  • Download/upload speeds are about the speed at which data can be received and sent when you connect to a VPN server
  • If most of your task is about downloading large files or streaming audio or videos, you should look for a service with high download speed metric
  • If you share files, such as uploading images to the cloud, you should look for services with high upload speeds
  • Ping time refers to the time taking by a single unit of data between your computer, VPN server, and the intended destination and back
  • It is referred in milliseconds and a lower number means faster ping time
  • If you are looking for the Fastest VPN service for applications such as VoIP, Skype and playing online games, you should look for services with lower ping time

Thus, ping time matters when it comes to applications involving real-time data transfer. Thus, the metrics which are most important to you will be based on what applications you need the VPN for. So if your focus is only on file transfer involving download/upload, you should look for a service with low ping time.

Once this aspect has been addressed, you should look for a VPN having the best relevant number for the country you want to connect through. Keep in mind that just because a VPN company has fast servers located in the United States, it doesn’t mean that they can provide the same experience in other countries. 

Service Provider’s Location

When looking for the ideal VPN service, it is not just speed that should be on top of your mind. You should also take your data security seriously. You should consider the 14-eyes accord in this regard. It is an alliance between multiple countries to carry out online surveillance and share information on user activities. Countries part of this alliance will collect and share information based on mass surveillance. 

So you should ensure that the VPN service provider you choose is not located in a country or region that is part of this international surveillance alliance. Even if the VPN has servers in these countries, you should be cautious. 

Besides, when it comes to torrenting and other online activities, server and VPN company location can be an important factor. Certain online activities are not only prohibited in many countries, many VPN services don’t allow them. If the provider doesn’t support certain activities and finds out you are engaging in it, they can prohibit you from using their services. 

So make sure to address all these points when looking for the Fastest VPN service. Remember, speed is important but online security and safety are also crucial to the whole experience.

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    Nice informative post. Do you have any recommendation on a good VPN to use in China? I know their govt blocks many of them, but I need a reliable on while I am there…

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