Four Little Cycladic Gems – Principal Contemplations

Four Little Cycladic Gems - Principal Contemplations

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever before to organize and book a holiday, especially during summer when choices are more than you might think. What is not equally stress-free is the place you should decide on landing to spend that long-waited work leave.

Should it be a chalet up in the mountains, a city hostel downtown, a coastal camping site or a lavish villa? Of course, the expected weather and the season of travelling are vital as well as your desires and budget.

Anyways, let’s explore four islands in Cyclades, Greece which attract thousands of guests annually.


Aka “Ibiza of Greece” Mykonos does its best every year to live up to its fame and nickname. In reality, more and more Greek and overseas celebrities not only hire a place to spend some soothing time there, but they also purchase plots or houses to make sure they return again and again to the island of winds.

Most of them show up out of curiosity as they truly want to experience the constant party atmosphere that only in Mykonos can be held. Additionally, despite the fact that this is a Mediterranean island, you can taste other exotic cuisines like Chinese or Thailand one and of course Italian. Unimpeachable Mykonos villas by Clubzak are a life-time goal you should achieve immediately.

In other words, if you haven’t already tasted Greek hospitality, this is the best chance possible. Make your dream come true via your laptop. Just go online and reserve your mansion yesterday!


Sailing south we come across the magnificent island of Naxos. It’s pretty large in size in comparison to the rest of the Cycladic diamonds. It’s not hard to explore and discover though as long as you rent a motorbike or a car. From Naxos, of course, lots of boats depart daily so as to give you the unique opportunity to visit Donousa, Amorgos, Iraklia and Ios.

All of them are fantastic isles you’ll regret not visiting. Apart from Naxos’ Chora and its castle, don’t omit checking out Portara with its marvelous sunset and lovely views. I would definitely suggest renting a boat and travelling to Santorini. It’s not far away and it will pay you back. With reference to accommodation numerous small vintage households are available throughout the year.


Paros, such an attracting Greek island. Needless to say that more and more newly married couples select it as a honeymoon destination. Its picturesque villages can really make you transfer to another era. That of innocence and carefreeness. To be honest, a trip to Paros is a boundless cultural wander.

The archaeological museum near Panagia Ekatontapyliani (a glorious church) includes significant exhibits in its collection and undeniably Paros’ old town will give you an insight into life on the island hundreds of year ago. Useful clue: Ask where the boat to Kolybithres leaves from. We’re talking about the most beautiful of all local shores and a swim there is must. Thank me later!


Last but not least, moving north-west we meet the queen of Cyclades, its capital Syros. An extract cannot contain Syros’ account which spreads back hundreds of years. You have to visit the two hills: the one with the Catholic and the other with the Orthodox Church lying on top of them.

Walk through old town’s alleys and take some time to read the epigraphs on various dwellings. You’ll be amazed at who lived on this island and what their feats were. Ermoupoli is so attractive yet so full of diversities. That is where Greek trade bloomed and where most ships began their far-fetched journeys.

To make a long story short, make sure you pay lots of emphasis on this island’s stay and book as many nights as possible there. Each day will be a whole different story to tell.

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