15 Strong Reasons for a CSM Certification

15 Strong Reasons for a CSM Certification

The Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®) certification addresses the Scrum methodology about Agile principles and practices. An organization established in 2001 namely Scrum Alliance is the organization that offers this certification. It a nonprofit organization that caters to the training requirements of the agile community.  

There are a few variants to Agile like Scrum, extreme programming, Kanban etc. However, CSM exclusively focuses on Scrum methodology for agile projects.

For someone working as a developer in an IT company, CSM certification adds knowledge and training to your project management competency. 

Who should go for CSM?

This certification is ideal for you if your organization adopts Scrum in project management or if you individually wish to add to your professional skills.

You gain practical knowledge related to practices, principles and applications of Scrum methodology. It showcases that you have more experience and skills when compared to other project leaders or team members. 

It is the necessary certification that suits:

  •    Project managers
  •    Subordinates to the team leads
  •    Team members
  •    Project executives
  •    Software Developers
  •    Anyone else who wish to sharpen their skills in project and team management

The process:

The CSM certification process involves a few procedures.  It starts with a two day CSM training. After which  you have to register yourself online for the certification exam within three months of having attended the course.

After the registration formalities, you are provided with the Exam Access Code. Taking the online test and successfully passing it certifies you as Certified Scrum Master. 

The online test is of one-hour duration with fifty questions that are of a  multiple choice pattern.

Being one of the most important frameworks for agile projects, the certification lets you complete your organisational and individual career goals. 

How? This is how:

  1. It is a cost effective training course that creates attractive career opportunities in different industries.
  2. As a team member, you will create an environment with strong work ethics and contribute to the growth of the organization.
  3. As a qualified team member, you will learn to reduce roadblocks from the project at various stages. 
  4. Your knowledge of the Scrum framework lets you better understand the team roles, tools & techniques and skills required for timely project completion.
  5. The practical approach of the course lets you gain knowledge that has practical applicability right from the day one irrespective of the industry or the environment.
  6. You stay relevant in your career with this certification as you learn about the latest changes in Scrum framework which helps greatly  in completing projects on time. As more critical global corporations increase focus on Agile methodologies, your career prospects stand to shine further.
  7. The certification program makes you skilled to manage projects of all sizes and complexities; even as a team member, it enhances your role and contribution towards the successful project completion.
  8. It may surprise you, but the program contributes immensely in improving your communication skills relevant to the project like report making and sharing with the team members.
  9. Build strong basics of the Scrum framework as you quickly learn the concepts and the application of those to produce effective results.
  10. It serves as a reliable performance indicator when it comes to the employability factor. You remain a marketable professional with better career prospects in comparison with a non-certified professional. Equip yourself with the latest tools, techniques and technologies that will reap good career gains.
  11. Full access to online networks on social media, mailing lists and other additional resources that are available along with this certification. Even after the completion of the training your knowledge and support will not come to a stop.
  12. Learn to extract better yield and resource management with this program. The turnaround time will reduce drastically, and customer satisfaction will be at an all-time high.
  13. Professionals with CSM stand a better chance of  winning projects within and outside the organisation as faster delivery, and strict adherence to quality standards are sought after requirements these days.
  14. As a Certified Scrum Master, your work will become profitable for the organisation and fun for you. It will lead to increased job satisfaction for you. 
  15. Develop your insight regarding projects risks, foreseeable outcomes and prepare yourself for risk scenarios that might emerge during project execution. You will learn to judge risks and prioritise tasks for yourself and your team.

Why wait further? Stay relevant and marketable in your career with a CSM course that will create numerous avenues of growth for you.

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