10 Advantages of getting an Android Development Certification Today

10 Advantages of getting an Android Development Certification Today

With the world shrinking and coming closer due to globalization, mobile applications have transformed the way business is conducted. It has certainly changed the way we socialize and entertain.

This connectivity has enabled and provided developers with an opportunity to be at the forefront of shaping economies, creating trends and generating innovative ideas to distribute in the applications market.  

Technology is growing in leaps and bounds and the Android application is certainly one that has spanned its looming presence in everyone’s life. With a million organizations and over a million users, Google’s Android is certainly the leader in the market.

With a free platform that offers a congenial environment for developers to create an array on the application, the role of an Android Developer is satisfying creatively and rewarding monetarily. This is precisely where an Android Development Certification is a highly prized addition that you can have on your resume.

Organisations have realized that adopting the Android ecosystem helps to promote business along with cost savings and scalability.

Here are some great advantages that you and your company can reap the benefits of, once you are certified.

  1. Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system

Over 1.5 million Android devices are activated around the globe in the form of mobiles, tablets, video games and drones. Numbers are growing and it is estimated that the world will see a 6 million subscription of smartphones by 2020.

Added to that will be smart lights, fans, thermostats and other devices that will be linked through some version of Android’s open source framework. 

1. Simple Ecosystem that is easy to use

You do not need any special equipment, license or knowledge of complex code to get your application running on Android. All you need is a system that functions and a stable internet connection.

Android is compatible with various types of hardware and certification in Android development will help you gain knowledge of different aspects of the Operation System and platform ( Kernel, API, DRM) and be on your way to building your app.

3. Great salary package

Developers with an average salary of 125,000 USD per annum can benefit from mobile application development. Companies are trying to leverage the mobile application industry and software firms are turning towards the market to increase gains.

You could even earn as a certified freelance mobile developer and work at your own convenience.

4. Android has an open source

Open source offers freedom to developers to develop new applications or make changes to the existing ones. With certification, you will be up to speed with the Operating System and flexible to get your application to work on all devices.

Android also has cross-platform compatibility and lets programmers conduct research.

5. Android lets you have a small slice of a large market 

Android helps you have a wider reach in comparison to other mobile operating systems that are fixed and closed. With its compatibility across devices, you can build applications for a small yet loyal set of users.

This builds up to a large user base and with more developers, the ecosystem becomes more vibrant.

6. A great way to commercialize your product

The reach and expertise of Android help to monetize the applications that run on its platform. So if you are a good developer and happen to develop a great application, you not only get a wide user base but also an opportunity to cash in on the compatibility it will have with Android.

It is also possible to use a prototype of your application to gain insight into the user demand, demographics, user feasibility and other performance metrics. Android is also encouraging and supportive of developers and offers a lot of benefits.

7. Assured job opportunities and growth in career

Developers are hired to work right from the coding stage, the design phase to the architecture planning stage whilst developing an Android application. This helps the developers to leverage their skills and put their certification to good use.

Touted as one of the most used operating systems, the projections for the surge in demand for Android Developers is expected to be very high in the forthcoming years.

8. A silver lining on your resume

You may have knowledge of coding and be an experienced developer. You may be able to learn it all by yourself, however, with a valid certification that proves that you have earned the qualification accredited by a recognized body, you are increasing the chances of being cherry-picked by any employer.

9. Be a part of the connected corporate world

Businesses are looking at every opportunity to invest in mobile usage and applications. This creates a need for them to hire developers and with a certification, you will also be a part of the growing network of corporates who are creating connectivity for the future.

10. Learn from the Best

The professional Android Developer course is a ticket to showcase your education whilst you build applications with the support of top-class faculty which includes Google Experts.

Apply for an Android Development training course today and give yourself the career boost you deserve, putting you in the limelight for organizations and companies around the world.

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