Most Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Most Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

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Don’t get me wrong, I love a good wedding. I’m always the one that’s the first to cry when the bride makes her way down the aisle, and the last to leave the dancefloor at the afterparty.

However, there’s one thing that really grates on me when it comes to two people getting wed. The dreaded gifts. 

I for one know that I don’t want my friends and family buying me pots, pans, and tubs to poach my eggs in the microwave. Yes, these gifts are oh-so-practical, but are they really what anyone wants to go home and unwrap after their big day? I’m not convinced.

And if I wouldn’t want to receive these gifts on my wedding day, you can bet that I will never buy them for someone else, either. 

Instead, I always like to go for something unique, fun and maybe even personalized to add a nice little touch.

Now come on, don’t be the boring one when it comes to wedding gifts – get on my bandwagon with my specially-curated list of the most unique wedding gift ideas.

Date night bucket list

The fun doesn’t have to stop once you’re married, right? Keep the romance alive in your favorite couple’s lives with a date night bucket list.

It’s hard to think of new things to do when you’ve been together so long, so buying the pair a handy collection of date ideas is a great little gift.

Each lovely date idea, ranging from secluded stargazing to museum visits, is printed on birch wood sticks for the couple to take it in turns to pick out each week.

Once the date is complete, the couple can then write the date on the back of the stick. How cute! I’m all for this gift and secretly really want to buy myself one, too.

Less time thinking of dates, more time actually dating!

Kool8 water bottle

Before you say it, I know exactly what you’re thinking. Is a water bottle really wedding-themed? Is this not just one of those practical boring gifts you were talking about earlier?

I do admit that yes, I used to think this. However, since purchasing my own Kool8 bottle, I’ve seen such a big change in my day-to-day life that these bottles are something I will happily recommend to just about everyone.

No matter where the couple in question are going on their honeymoon, I have no doubt that a Kool8 bottle will come in handy.

They have double warmed vacuum insulation- so whether the pair are making a trip to the Maldives where their water needs to be extra cool, or a trip to Greenland where their tea needs to be extra hot, you have them covered.

Not only that but purchasing these bottles is also a way of giving to charity. Kool8 donates 20% of the profit from each bottle sold to giving water to underprivileged regions in the world. A cool gift and a donation to charity!

Custom star map

I recommend this cool little gift for all occasions, however I definitely feel that a custom star map works best when it comes to weddings. A Twinkle in Time star map uses a location and a date picked by you to create a poster showing exactly how the stars looked at that time. 

You could pick the day of the couple’s first date if you know it, or the day they got engaged. 

I won’t lie, if I was you I’d try both, and see which one the stars are more aligned in!

Your couple will love the fact that this can hang on the wall in their home as a constant reminder of their special day.

These maps really are a beautiful way to remind them of their love, and of the first special day they decided to commit to each other.

Matching mugs

Yes, this one is a little cheesy. Yes, I still think they’re a great gift for a couple! Matching mugs are the perfect way of saying ‘congratulations- you’re officially set to share all of life’s joys and troubles with each other over a good cup of tea or coffee’.

There’s a huge range available on Amazon to choose from and you’re sure to find the pair that suit your couple perfectly.

Subtle and elegant or comedic and downright outrageous, the choice is yours! I personally love finding animal mugs that suit each person, but that’s up to you. I can’t decide on everything for you!

For that added touch, fill the mugs with little gifts before wrapping. Think sweets, hot chocolate pouches, biscuits and sprinkles for that extra touch. The thought will go a long way with this gift, and using the personality of each person to fill their mug up with trinkets is the perfect way to share some heartfelt love.

Custom shirts

Does anything scream Mr and Mrs, Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs more than t-shirts that literally have these words printed on them?

I strongly believe that you simply cannot go wrong when it comes to a good printed tee, and the couple will love how Instagrammable you’ve instantly made their marriage. 

At Screen Print This, you can go wild when it comes to personalized fashion.

If you’re trying not to be too cliche, avoid the simple ‘Mr X’ and ‘Mrs X’ slogans.

Instead, print the couple’s favorite sayings, the lyrics to their first dance song, or even that really embarrassing photo of them on their first date 10 years ago. 

The possibilities are endless, and at just 20 bucks each, you really can’t go wrong with this thoughtful and inexpensive gift.

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